Saturday, January 06, 2007

Curiouser & curiouser

I had decided to pack it in and just head off to the gym after thoroughly FUBAR'ing my blog this morning when I thought I heard someone knock on my back door. It's an old building full of strange and misleading noises, so I ignored it. I checked my bag and was just about to put on my jacket when there is was again. By this time Alice was staring intently at the back door.

I went to the door, opened it and when the alcohol fumes cleared I saw a not unattractive young man. He was looking very nervous and I was wondering if he had somehow gained access to the building and was trying to..... who knows? He began to explain that he lived in the building and saw the light under my door and I was waiting to hear the, I'm drunk and can't get back into my apartment story. He hemmed and hahed a bit and then blurted out, "Well I live here, see and I'm bi-curious." I was a bit startled at this declaration, and unable to stop staring at the quart bottle of Bud that he was clutching, tried to politely explain that I was just on my way out the door. He looked truly crestfallen, and started off towards the elevator. I am still kicking myself, but I relented enough to say, maybe he should come back some other time. Why? I think it is largely because I am a sucker. I hate to see people miserable. Maybe it's because I want to tell him he needs to rethink his approach. Tell him, don't go around doing things like this while you're loaded. There are bad people, who unlike me will take advantage of a situation and you may not be happy with the result. At any rate I showed the good sense not to try and talk to him while he was in a rather advanced state of inebriation. Having had drunks for parents I learned early there is no reasoning with a drunk.

Now I am asking myself was I ever that young, that stupid or that drunk. The answer comes yes. I have been pretty lucky and had only a couple of times in my misspent youth found myself in situations that got out of control. These types of life lessons are not necessary, they can be avoided with the exercise of a little common sense. Though sometimes if you are young and confused or scared, common sense can be pretty thin on the ground. I guess it was his vulnerability, that prompted me to make this poorly thought out offer. The thing is I don't want to have sex with him. I only want to sit him down and find out what he's looking for and then, if I can, point him off in a more appropriate direction. With any luck, he will wake up with an enormous hangover and a huge case of embarrassment and that will be the end of it. If not I can only hope that the drunkenness was an attempt to bolster his courage for this experiment and that he is not a chronic lush. I have had to put up with enough alcoholics in my life and I don't need to go out and adopt any more. What am I doing?