Saturday, May 09, 2009

Good News

I had been waiting around for my test results and finally called Dr. Fred to get the news. As it turns out, my test for celiac disease came back negative, so I can gorge myself on bread if I want. On top of that, my cholesterol test showed that my cholesterol level is actually down since the last time I was tested! I guess all this healthy food and exercise is paying off.

So, it would seem that my problem is lactose intolerance which can be controlled. I think this means no more ice cream, but that is a pretty small price to pay. I am not that big a fan of ice cream and I actually prefer sorbet, so this will be a good excuse to start playing with the ice cream maker that C. gave me, seeing what flavors of sorbet I can turn out.

I have been very sporadic in my gardening and I am going to try and get myself on a regular schedule and start making some changes in the garden. I am actually thinking about what I would like to do in the garden again which I take as a good sign. I am hoping that if I can get back into the groove with shoveling dirt and pulling weeds I will start to feel some satisfaction with the whole gardening process again.

I did manage to remember to get a card in the mail to Doris for Mother's Day. I just followed the insulin shock method of card buying. I just went through the cards until I found one that made me start to feel nauseated and caused me to start seeing little black dots swimming in front of my eyes from the level of saccharine in the sentiment. If this doesn't keep me off the shit list for at least a couple of weeks, nothing will.

So, I have the weekend before me. It will involve hitting the gym fairly hard, now that the worst of the spring pollen season is over. I have been slacking off, mostly because my head has been so full of snot that I was sure I would drop a weight on my head if I tried to do anything that would cause my blood to circulate. I also have to head out to the garden and continue with the project I've started and somehow make some time to do things with friends. With any luck it will involve seeing the new X-Men movie. I mean, Hugh Jackman! Do I really need to say anything else?