Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's the day before Thanksgiving. Things at the office were quiet with only the occasional flurry of mad panic as everyone who actually showed up today prepares to head out for self induced food comas.

My own plans for tomorrow are pretty tame, since I will be doing the triptaphan orgy on Saturday at the nieces. This will involve my brother, his wife and my other niece. I am praying against all expectation that things will go smoothly and quietly. You know things are serious when an atheist starts praying.

My plans for Thursday include, rising at my usual ungodly hour, throwing a couple of loads in the machine, getting a start on some seriously needed housework. Breakfast. Hopping on the train to go to my gym's sister facility in Southie, since our branch will be closed. Home. More housework and baking a punkin' pie.

Since I am not that big of a fan of turkey, I will be having a nice fat pork chop I picked up at TJ's, mashed 'taters and green beans and cranberry sauce (it is Thanksgiving). I will then eat some of the pie for dessert. What I am going to mostly do (aside from housecleaning) is going to be enjoying some peace and quiet.

RG has said he may come over to torment me at some point, which will be fun. We may even go out for a drink. Though what I mean by drink is that RG will get to have a drink and as usual, I will probably pass. But you never know, it's a holiday and I may feel festive.

Mostly, what I am looking forward to is 4 days off from work. I hope whatever you have planned you have a great time.

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Xmas present to myself

has a guest post up right now. Carl Siciliano the founder and director of the Ali Forney Center has posted a letter asking for donations.

The Ali Forney Center has experienced some serious funding cutbacks and needs help.

I became aware of the Ali Forney Center a couple of years ago, when Joe posted about it before. Since then, whenever I have had a few dollars to spare I have sent what I can. My childhood may not have been ideal, but at least I wasn't thrown out of the house. God knows I was such a little queen that my parents must have known I was gay. After I came out at the age of 20, well after I had made my own escape from the parental clutches, there followed many years of being kept at arms length, but I was never completely cut off from my family.

The Ali Forney Center is for young LGBT kids who don't even have the lukewarm support that I got from my family.

I had earmarked some money to get myself a Xmas present that I really wanted. Instead I am donating that money to the Ali Forney Center.

I don't expect anyone else to do the same, but I do ask that if you read this blog that you donate what you can. I know times are tough and like a lot of people right now I am worried about the security of my job. But I'm a grown up and I have the ability and the experience to see myself through hard times, even if it means I wind up mopping floors. These young people don't have those resources or that experience.

Please donate and post a link to the online donation page on your blog. The more money that goes to the center, the better the chances are that the Forney Center will be able to continue to make a difference in the lives of kids that have been thrown away by their families.

If you need added motivation, If you don't donate, I will give your phone number to Doris. You do NOT understand the meaning of the word suffering until you've had that crazy old woman chewing your ear off, so don't make me do it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Video chat

Like I don't have enough ways to wastes my time, I have discovered Gmail's video chat. So, I tipped CB to it and we got to video chat this morning. It's pretty cool and it actually works. So far anyway.

I got to tell CB that I had already been to the gym and CB got to give me the finger. So much more effective than emoticons! I could get used to this, though I can also see the downside.

I mean, it's not like I have to worry about bed head. What little hair I have left I keep buzzed, but there is the whole issue of first thing in the morning, zombie eyes for starters, though the camera on my laptop is pretty low-res and I'm not going to be buying a better camera for just chat. So that may not be so much of a real worry.

On the upside, it will be one less thing to aggravate my RSI.

At any rate, I have a new toy to play with! Won't this be fun?

I can't wait to see who else downloads this so that we can come that much closer to tormenting each other in person.