Friday, April 06, 2007

Cranky Ganome

I am a bit betwixt and between today. I got going a little late this morning and so I am slightly behind schedule on things. I am having a very hard time caring. I think it is lag over from yesterday.

I really don't like to let work interfere with the rest of my life, but yesterday was a tough day. We had some rather unpleasant shake ups at work that have resulted in my moving into a better office space at the expense of having a very bad taste in my mouth about how all of this transpired. Having heard enough horror stories about people who have foolishly bad mouthed their work places on their blogs, I have no intentions of going into details. Suffice it say I am not a happy ganome.

To add to the creepafication, I got home and the prints I had purchased from our pal Matt over at Square Jawed Action Hero had arrived, it's just that someone had taken them out of their packaging and then shoved the prints in the side of my mailbox. I don't think any serious damage was done to the prints and I will be heading over to my former employer to do some evaluation, before they go into frames. It's just creepy to think that some one has been going through my mail. Be it one of the neighborhood hillbilly crack whores, looking for something to steal, or just one of my clueless neighbors. Either way, I don't like it.

The weekend is also looking like it will be a bit less than ideal. I really have to spend tomorrow doing serious cleaning in my pigsty and Sunday, while I will be enjoying the nieces company, it will however be with the caveat that I will also be enjoying the company of a lot of other relatives. On the other hand I am told that the parental units will not be in attendance, which is always a blessing. Also there will be ham. As in the big thing that goes into the oven and not the thin slices that go on sandwiches. Honestly, given the choice I could easily give Easter a pass. Not even the prospect of chocolate can get me too excited.

I am trying to write this all off to spring fever. Snow, sleet, rain and cold seem to be the prevailing conditions, and I always willfully forget that April is never as advertised. It really is silly to expect the weather to improve before May in this part of the world and you really can't count on warmth until June.

Well, I have cutting out from work early to look forward to. I have been putting in a lot of time this week, so I will be able to try and get a head start on all of my errands this afternoon. I am getting my flab measured with calipers and then a quick stop at the grocery store before I go home to at least take care of the dishes in the sink before Mr. D. comes over.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Someone's been sending me flowers

I feel just like Hermione Gingold!

Tree pollen

I have spent the morning wandering around the house looking for my brain. Hay fever season has arrived and my already tiny brain has shrunk down to the size of a BB. I am also fairly convinced that hay fever causes all of the wrinkles in your brain to smooth out and so my tiny brain instead of looking like a dried pea, more closely resembles said BB in that it is, I am fairly certain, smooth and shiny. A super slick surface that would be the envy of modern material science. Not even an idea can stick to it.

I have to go to work, but I fear that I will be a danger to myself and others. I have visions of myself lurking about the office like some tiny Frankenstein's monster, heading down to the village after having a bolt of lightning jolted through me. The faculty and staff will probably be showing up in my office before lunch with the torches and pitchforks, ready to perform their unpleasant but necessary duty of ridding the world of one more hideous menace.

I will let you know if Monkey winds up on top of our building, dressed in a lab coat, screaming,"They called me mad, MAD! But I'll show them, I'll show them all!" as flames pour out of the windows.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Garden shots

I went over to the garden yesterday with the camera. The most I got done was taking pictures and visiting with my neighbor. Still it was worth it, things are coming up.

Update: For the sake of clarity, I took pictures of sedum, oriental poppy and of course, crocus.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I was had

I had forgotten that it was April Fool's Day, so Dave, bless his little black heart actually got me going for a few seconds. I am such a dope. Good one, Dave!

Date 2

Date number 2 went off pretty well. Mr. D. met me at Forest Hills Station and whisked me off to the wilds of Roslindale. We sat around the kitchen and talked while he made dinner. Stuffed chicken breasts and grilled asparagus. The chicken he accurately described as coming from Chernobyl farms. Each breast was about the size of a roasting chicken. In the interest of full disclosure, he stuffed them with prosciutto and pepper jack cheese and they were very good.

I also got to meet his dog, who is a very sweet critter and very well behaved. I say this a something of a dog lover, so anyone who is willing to take the time to train their dog gains points.

I also met one of his housemates, though I can't give much of an impression there. We watched a movie after dinner, and then sort of collapsed, since it turned out we had both had pretty busy days before hand. Also I was not at my most sparkling, since my first bout with hay fever has kicked in. Regardless, it was a very nice time. Which leaves only one problem. Me.

I have not really dated anyone for quite a while. Consequently I am very set in my ways. I have my own schedule and am used to accommodating myself, not other people. My usual Sunday consists of waking at my usual obscene hour and luxuriating in the weekly novelty of taking my time. Lolling around the house with coffee, feeding the cat and deciding at my own pace how I will spend my day. In the warm months, weather permitting, I will fill up a thermos and after feeding the cat, I will go over to my garden and enjoy the rare quiet in urban life in my garden, as I plan out what, if anything, I will do that day in the garden and enjoy the fruits of my labor in quiet and watch the birds as they start their day. I remember one morning sitting there, when one of the red tailed hawks came and perched on the arbor in my garden. Me watching him as he pointedly ignored me, scouting for more interesting things like voles and squirrels and songbirds.

Is this something I will feel like I will have to give up, or is it something I will have to try and learn how to share? Who knows? It is early days and I really should just try and enjoy things as they come. But I think in order for that to happen, I am going to have to accept the fact that it will involve becoming less married to routine.