Friday, April 27, 2007


You never see yourself in profile. I was playing around with the built in camera on my laptop and figured, what the heck!

My immediate reaction when I saw the results was, Jeebus H. Christ, look at the size of that snot locker!

My younger brother and I won the genetic lottery as far as inheriting the family honker goes and I have always been aware that it ain't exactly button sized, but what scares me is that your nose and ears continue to grow as you age.

I'm gonna have to save up for rhinoplasty so that I'll be able to lift my head up from my chest when I'm 70. I have to talk to Mike. Maybe they offer a group rate.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Morning

Fucking trees! Literally. Tree pollen started happening, just when I was starting to get over a spring cold. The end result was that if snot was a tradable energy commodity I would have been a one man OPEC. The real problem with all of this is that during the night I would wind up ingesting said substance and then spend the day nauseated. Not a great state of affairs. There are better ways to start the morning than by recycling your coffee.

Yesterday, I called in and spent the day in bed, mostly sleeping, some reading and no other form of entertainment, get your mind out of the gutter.

I woke up rather cranky this morning in spite of the fact that I was feeling noticeably better, and grumbled my way through my coffee, which stayed down for the first time in a couple of days and then headed out the door for work. It only took a few steps in the spring air to make a new man of me. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, but this late April morning is as temperate as the bard could hope for. We are suppose to get some April showers this afternoon which is fine, because this morning is warm and sunny and the sky is an impossible blue and spring is promising the pleasures of summer.

My inner 20 year old wants to play hooky and be irresponsible and wander the stodgy, familiar streets of this town with fresh eyes. However, duty calls, bills to be paid, people who rely on me and a whole adult life I am sometimes unprepared for. Off to the grind and I will have to take the pleasures of the day as they come.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Save Net Radio Update

I received an update from It would seem that they have been taken by surprise by the response from the public and have had to retool their site to handle the traffic!

So, if you haven't already, go to their site and send a letter to your congressman. While allowing the record companies to have their way will send the small stations under, it will also effect any public stations you might be streaming as well and will eventually silence most of the music you hear streaming.

For all intents and purposes we have allowed the government to steal our air rights from us, leaving the big broadcasters in control, don't let them take away our internet access to some new and exciting musicians who you would never hear on the commercial airwaves and alternative programing from creative netcasters.

Monday, April 23, 2007

What is this country coming to?

If the war in Iraq, gun violence, and the Bush administration aren't enough! Now, certain elements in the candy industry are declaring war on chocolate. I had this brought to my attention going to Lynette's blog and literally moments later I got an email from this character.

If the evil forces of Hershey have their way, they will be able to manufacture a product that contains no cocoa butter and is made with diary substitutes. It will leave us with something that bears as much resemblance to chocolate as Velveeta resembles cheese. (Can we say cheese food, people!)

Life's comforts are few and far between these days, and allowing a one more group of greedy thugs to have their way is not acceptable. Go to and let the FDA know that you are not happy with the idea of screwing around with chocolate. You may think this is silly, but we've got ourselves into quite a bit of trouble already by allowing corn syrup to be substituted for sugar, and guess what, we are becoming the fattest country in the world. No one has looked into the possible ill effects of messing around with the composition of chocolate. The FDA is suppose to be there to protect our health not to give the green light to corporate greed. This may not bring about world peace, cure cancer or end hunger, but maybe if people start feeling like they can make positive changes on a small scale, it will encourage them to act on larger issues. Just a thought.

Weekend in brief

The weekend went well. Nothing earthshaking. I spent a good part of a beautiful Saturday in the garden. While I was there I got to meet my neighbor Mike's new beau. There wasn't a terrific amount of interaction. They seem to still be in the "all wrapped up in each other" phase, but the new boyfriend is cute and seems very nice and Mike is in a hitherto unknown state of... gooeyness, maybe. Whatever his condition, he certainly seems happy and I won't pick on him for it. Too much. Besides it's more fun to do in person.

My own romantic endeavours this weekend with Mr. D. were confined to an impromptu appetite stimulation, and then going out for dinner. It was a fun evening and was over too soon. Sunday I got roped into helping the garden society with a park clean up day, which obviated the need to do any aerobic at the gym. I have a feeling spending the morning hauling wheelbarrows of mulch burned off far more calories than I would have used up on the treadmill. Then it was off for coffee and gossip with C. He is waiting for the out of town visitor, if not from hell at least from purgatory. Though, as C. points out, whenever this character comes to visit, C. gets some great stories to tell after.

The rest of the time on the weekend was filled in doing errands and working on a writing project that feels like it will never shape up. If not the most exciting weekend ever, at least a pleasant one. We'll see what the week brings.