Friday, December 14, 2007

Unit of measurement

Since Tater wanted to know how I measured the snowfall, I thought would explain how I did it.

I whipped out my big 10 inch of course!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snow day

We were given our lunch break in the seminar. I ducked out to grab something to eat, as I came out the door a couple of snow flakes fell down. Then, I guess they were motivated by our speakers and began to behave in a dynamic and proactive way. They optimized their resources and decided to act in an exciting and effective manner, maximizing their impact and creating a tangible and effective change in their work environment.

In other words it started to snow like hell. Did I mention it is also is colder than a witches tit in a brass bra. (Another useful Vermontism.)

The forces that be decided to close the school, so I was able to wander off, free as bird.

I was grousing to myself. What a bunch of big babies! It's not that bad! Then I got to Memorial Drive, looked across the river to where Boston is suppose to be, and damn if some bastard hadn't stolen it! Seriously. The Charles is not all that wide and you could not see across the river to Boston.

I am figuring we got a little over an inch the first hour and this is suppose to keep up until midnight. Getting into work is going to be so much fun tomorrow.

On the upside, I did get out of the class early and I am home drinking tea. The walk home was not that bad, and I beat at least one bus into town by walking. I am pretty well provisioned so I don't think I will actually have to go out in this mess again. High school really never does end. Snow days still rock, even when you are on the far side of the middle age hill.

UPDATE 4 hours into the storm and we already have about 6 inches of snow, this may be worse than I thought.

Gray day

I am currently killing time at a coffee shop, before heading off to one of those pointless training seminars that workplaces decide are vital for your "development" as an employee. What this is going to entail I am pretty sure, is being psychobabbled at for 8 hours.

The good news is it gets me out of the office for the day. The bad news is that I will be psychobabbled at for 8 hours.

The coffee shop is also getting a mixed review. The breakfast sandwich was pretty good, the coffee is fair and the wi-fi is free. On the downside, there is a herd of very loud teenagers hanging out. What is this shit? It's a school day! I know Xmas vacation hasn't started yet. I know, I know, pretty soon I'm going to wandering around in my slippers wearing pants with the waistband up under my armpits, yelling, "Hey, you kids get off that lawn. I know your mother!"

Well, important lesson learned. I know that there is another joint down the street, with yes, free wi-fi and it is populated by grown-ups. Not that, as I'm sure everyone has noticed, age is any guarantee of reasonable behavior.

They are predicting that the lovely weather that has been clobbering the midwest is now headed our way and we should see it starting sometime this afternoon. I am sure it will work up a nice head of steam by late afternoon to that we can have are really interesting commute home.

Yup. I got the blahs.

Who knows, maybe I'll finally meet Prince Charming in the psychobabble class, we'll run away to someplace warm and live happily ever after, after having discovered the secret to eternal youth. Did I mention he's going to be rich AND generous.

Okay, enough. I have to go off and learn how to implement dynamically or whatever horseshit they will be shoveling up today.

I hope everyone else has a great day and is in a good mood all day long and gets laid and finds a big bag of money. No. Really.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Monkey and I are on break and he is telling me about the Christmas ornament he bought for his mother.

Monkey: I got it for one of her Christmas trees.

Me: One of her Christmas trees?

Monkey: Yeah, she has 3 trees, one tree for each of her types of ornaments.

Me: That's even worse than Doris.

Monkey: Yeah, Doris is just looking for the perfect tree. My mother always wants more of everything! She just needs portion control for her whole life. (pauses) I swear that's why she had 4 kids. I mean from an evolutionary standpoint it makes sense, more is better. But the line stops with me! I'd be really surprised if my sibs reproduce.

We start to walk back towards the office and I think about this in relation to his sibs who I've met.

Me: Can they be arrested for pissing in the gene pool?