Saturday, September 06, 2008

Cashier update

I was back in TJ's today. I needed to pick up a few things so I set off in a hayfever induced haze, forgetting my glasses and my shopping list this week.

Food isn't even all that appealing right now so my efforts were a little eclectic to say the least. It should make for an interesting week of meals.

When I got to the check out line I got one of the regular cashiers who is a pleasant guy and my friend from last week was at the next cash register. I turned around and told her, "You are totally my hero."

Cashier: Why?

Me: I forgot my wallet last week..

Cashier: Oh yeah! Don't mention it. Actually I was thinking about you the other day.

Me: ?

Cashier: Yeah, I had a bunch of students in with their even more annoying parents. I was thinking "Where is that guy, so he can kick them?"

Me: I'll try and get a few on the way home.

Cashier: Go for the parents (makes kicking motion) they're the worst!

I laughed and thanked her again and headed out the door. Walking home I couldn't help but notice that there are still a lot of anxious parents about. WTF?? What is wrong with these people? They finally have the little monsters out of the house. Why aren't they running around the house naked and getting drunk celebrating? These people really need to get lives of their own and stop living through their children. I won't be at all surprised in the next couple of years if I see people pushing their college freshman around in strollers when they arrive in town.

This country really is going to the dogs.

Week in review

It has just been a fun filled week. Actually, the holiday weekend was pretty pleasant. Relaxing, sorta lazy, sorta busy, not doing much of anything I didn't feel like doing. The only minor low point was that working in my garden Sunday, I seemed to have sprained my hand. Or so I thought.

Monday the hand was swollen and a bit on the throbbing side, so I decided to bag anymore gardening activity for the weekend and met up with my friend C. We grabbed some coffee and then decided to take a walk through Back Bay. We spent a couple of hours wandering around and finally my hand was starting to bother me again and I decided it was time to go home and ice it again.

As we were parting, C. said, "Are you sure it isn't a spider bite or something?"

Tuesday morning the hand was still swollen and throbbing and by now 3 of my fingers were feeling numb, so I emailed work that I was going to try and get in to see a doctor and that I would be late. Such unfounded optimism.

As things shook out, I somehow had managed to get an infection going in my hand from one of the tiny scratches that I acquired during my gardening endeavors and got to spend the day in the Emergency Room, hooked up to an IV of antibiotics. 7 hours later they finally cut me loose.
Wednesday I spent recovering from being pumped full of antibiotics and lay around the house feeling like ass to be honest.

Thursday was the first day back at work and I spent the greater part of the day playing catch up and dealing with the demands of all of the folks that are back now that the new semester is under way. Which would have been a whole lot better if my hand wasn't still feeling numb. Fun, huh?

Friday I realized that it was that time of year for the giant ragweed monster that ate Boston and there was more insanity at work until finally 5 o'clock came and I was out the door

For my money, it is just annoying. I spend a lot of time exercising, attempting to eat right and trying to keep myself relatively healthy and in good shape, so being ambushed by every cold or stupid opportunistic bug that comes my way is getting a little old.

However, looking on the bright side my garden is looking, if not good at least, clean. I managed to get a lot of work done and those things that did survive over a month of neglect that didn't have to be sacrificed in the name of invasive weeds that had so thoroughly entwined themselves around plants that there was no choice but to throw the baby out with bath water. I even went online today and started looking at spring bulbs which is something I thought I would have no enthusiasm for. Actually, my cheapskate Frenchman side got excited about big bag landscaping deals. So far I am looking at 100 Darwin Tulips and some crocus and miniature daffodils. I guess this means that I will be back in the garden next year.