Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happy 83rd

I feel compelled to inform her many fans, that Doris is celebrating her 83rd birthday today. I called like a dutiful son and she talked at me, at great length. However, it's her birthday and I let her go on as long as she wanted to. As we say up in Vermont, that woman could talk the hind leg off a mule!

Friday, February 06, 2009

A Lucky Break

Considering that I was not looking forward to my day at all, it has turned out much better than expected.

I had to go off an see the orthopedist this morning and thought I was going to waste half of my day at the hospital. Instead I was whisked in and out of x-ray and the doctor was actually with me "shortly". The upshot of all this is that I in fact merely chipped a bone and did not have a stable fracture, whatever the hell that is and, AND this is the most important part, I get to throw out the much hated and I have to admit after 2 and a half weeks, rather gamey wrist splint I have been wearing.

I have also been given the green light to lift weights and use the rowing machine to my little hearts content.

You have no idea of how much better this makes me feel already. I don't think I had any idea of how much going to the gym was a part of my routine and how much shape it gave to me day.

Now, to get back on my schedule!

Super Ganome

I figured I might as well jump on the bandwagon and come up with my superhero avatar. Uhhh.... They did not have a short guy with a middle aged roll available. But he's bald! So I at least get honesty points for that one.

Obviously, one of the things that happens when I transform into Super Ganome is that I get a bottle of "Just For Men" out and touch up the old facial hair.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The good news

I was walking past the burned out shells of the string of restaurants that I had mentioned earlier. I was walking, disheartened by El Pelon and noticed a sign saying that they are planning on reopening!

My little heart is singing, though I managed to refrain from doing a happy dance on the icy sidewalk, since one broken wrist is enough.

Hopefully, RG and I will be once again eating burritos the size of an adult head.