Thursday, June 28, 2007

More garden photos

After this mornings post, I figured we all needed something to cheer us up.

Here is the latest photo of the new tenants kids.

Prairies Sun Rudebekia

Blue Lace Cap Hydrangea

Annabelle Hydangea

And one of my favorites, Lillies.

At any rate. After a long day at work, I went out and watered my garden. Spending a half hour or so out in my garden, watching things grow and observing progress helped me relax and get a different perspective. Life goes on.


Boston is one huge grey fug. As Monkey observed, you feel like you need a machete to cut through the air. It is a bit strange for someone like myself who used to thrive in the heat, that I seem to be getting slowed down.

I went to bed early, wound up oversleeping and blowing off the gym. I walked in a very leisurely manner over the river, stopping for coffee on the way at one of my usual stops. The early morning clientele were like sonambulists. The only lively character, the art student who works at the front counter, who had my coffee ready and waiting before I ordered. (The benefits of being a regular who tips)

I am not sure that the heat is the only reason that I am feeling out of sorts. I have been very busy at work. Lots of projects, lots of problems that are out of my control that are creating new sets of problems that are leaving me feeling brain dead by the time I leave the office.

The trainer that I have been working with has taken a new and better job. I am happy for him, but not so happy for me. Aside from the fact that we have become quite friendly and I have come to like him, he was also the manager of the gym and was a good presence in the facility. Cheerful, friendly and helpful. I know why he left his job and it does not give me any good feelings about the direction the facility may take upon his departure.

Maybe it is all of these things in conjunction but a lot of my motivation is drying up. I do not feel like writing in my blog, or doing anything during the work week that actually requires any reasoning powers. I am in a funk.

I have an appointment with the shrink, so maybe it will do me some good to get some of this out of my system. I will most likely be back in the gym tomorrow, getting my energy up before another day of putting up with other peoples nonsense. The weather is suppose to cool, I have plenty of mindless chores ahead in the garden over the weekend and friends to catch up with.

See, I'm starting to feel better already.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oh Daddy!

I can't say I've really taken to being called a Daddy since I've hit a certain age. However, if you happen to be a really handsome 6'6" black man, and you call me Daddy, I'll be willing to overlook it. (It helps if you're really well hung too)