Saturday, May 02, 2009

More Whine?

This has not been a red letter week in Ganomeland. I went into the dentist on Monday to have what was to be my last crown done. Dr. Hunky realized it was time for x-rays. The result is that one of the crowns I had done previously has a cavity under it. The good news is that it is under warranty, so it's not going to add to my dental bill burden. The bad news is that it will eat up some more personal time at work so that I can have this attended to.

We are also having what seems to be a record spring for pollen. At the moment I have no voice or appetite. I am sure that all of my friends are counting their blessings in that I am really not talking much and as it turns out that even when I do try to talk people can only understand about half of what I have to say. Another upside, if you will is that several nights of post-nasal drip have killed my appetite and I've dropped 2 pounds this week.

However, an unfortunate side effect of this is that this weekend marks my friend Wahz 65th birthday. His friends had planned a birthday lunch at one of the snazzier bistros which I was suppose to go to. This morning I realized after my bowl of morning oatmeal was making itself known, that about all I would be able to manage at lunch would be a cup of tea. However, when I called up Wahz to suggest that I go over and just stick my head, in have a cup of tea, and at least show my face, he suggested I stay inside out of the pollen, since he could only understand about half of what I said over the phone.

If this isn't enough, I had to go and see Dr. Fred as well for a check up. In the course of our conversation I said I was feeling fine, though I had been having some mild digestion issues. After asking me about what I'd been eating, he gave the opinion that I have developed lactose intolerance and I go on a 2 week dairy free diet. After a little more questioning on the good doctors part, he has also decided to have me screened for celiac disease.

I really can't help but feel that it is insult added to injury, expecting a Frenchman to give up both cheese AND bread! Dessert I can live without, but a life without bread or pasta is looking very grim indeed. Life without extremely smelly, strong and gooey cheese looks pretty pallid as well.

Did I mention that yesterday around mid day the new temporary crown Dr. Hunky had just put in popped out? It did. I wound up having to leave work early and having my tooth glued back in. This did not get my weekend off to a glowing start.

All in all, I am beginning to feel like the character in the Oscar Wilde story who was described as having "lost his temper and his digestion in India and never found either again".

I know that in the great scheme of things, life will get better. If I have these food allergies, I will change my diet and learn to live with them. I will find some way to do something for Wahz to mark his landmark birthday. The currently sex crazed trees will eventually lie back, light up a cigarette and ask, "Was it good for you?" and life will become about as manageable as anybody's life gets.

For the time being however, I am going to pop another benedryl and feel sorry for myself while I pray for rain to knock some of the pollen out of the air, and start thinking about what life will be like living on a diet that doesn't include wheat.

There's always Thai food!