Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday recap

Another Christmas has been safely navigated. I managed to start things off right by wrenching my knee on the ice last Weds. and waking up with a miserable cold on Thursday morning. Nothing says the holidays like being too sick to get out of bed with a fever.

By Saturday, I was starting to feel a bit better and by Monday, I was feeling fit enough to go out and have lunch with my beloved Mike in Davis Square, near to where he lives. We had a nice visit and I have to say that Mike is looking very handsome sporting the hyacinth curls. (I didn't really think it was possible for him to get any better looking, but I guess I was wrong)

I was suppose to get together with FB, for my special Christmas present, however he had managed to come down with the same thing I was recovering from. I'd like to say that sucked, but the whole point is that it didn't.

Yesterday, I spent the morning running up my cell bill, calling friends and relatives. Then it was a pretty quiet day until I went over to Wahz for dinner. It was our traditional Christmas and everyone had a great time. Delicious food, too much champagne and good friends.

Today, it is back to the grind. Not too much happening and there won't be for the rest of the week. Campus is deserted. So far, the only people I have seen are other staffers.

For me, the holidays are over. I don't celebrate New Years. Though, C is taking Wahz and I out for dinner on Friday, so perhaps that will be the official end of my Solstice revelries.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. That every one of you were able to enjoy the holiday and like myself, spend some time with people you love and who are important to you.

Now. We just have to get through the rest of the winter!