Friday, May 04, 2007

Hell week

My friend, boss and partner in crime, Monkey has been out in Vegas on vacation, enjoying himself, the bastard. Consequently it has been my lot to deal with all of my problems as well as trying to trouble shoot for Monkey, in his absence. It has been a tough week. A big part of my job is dealing with people anyway. But this week has been a little over the top. Just dealing with a small portion of the crap that he has to put up with on a daily basis at work has me respecting him even more.

I am pretty frazzled at this point, and am not sure I am fit for human consumption. I am really looking forward to the weekend. There is a chance that the niece will come into town to check out the garden and have lunch with me. This will mean breaking the insane diet that I am on. (more about that in another post, I lost a whole pound, woo hoo!)

I will try and take more pictures of the garden over the weekend. Things are happening so fast now, with plants blooming that I feel like I'll miss it if I blink.

I am in the mood to go out and kill something, so the weeds are soooo dead.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


It has been a tough week in general and a really tough day in particular. This morning I did not go to the gym (that's a whole other story) so I stopped by the garden this morning to have a cup of coffee before I headed off to the office. Here's a few of the things I saw.

There are Creeping Flox, Emperor Tulips, Lupin, more Tulips, and a Vibernum. It was very relaxing taking in the morning air and enjoying flowers and all the spring visiting birds migrating through. The good weather is suppose to keep up, so hopefully I will have a chance to get out and spend some quality time with myself. This is supposing I am not driven to suicide tomorrow, or wind up in jail for killing some of the people I work with.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Impostor update

I know ya'll are just dying to hear what the final upshot of the war against the Anti-Ganome was. I finally broke down and complained to the forces that be at Manhunt, asking them to make the Anti-Ganome take down my picture, that was of me, the Ganome, and NOT of the Anti-Ganome, whatever he really looks like. I had to provide them with proof of identity and then never heard from them.

So, I moseyed over to his profile. Lo and behold, no profile! It would seem punishment was swift and fierce. I hadn't intended for the creep to loose his Manhunt account, though I doubt that it will stop him from opening a new account and probably using my picture all over again. Still, I felt a little bad.