Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year, New Gym

I started at my new gym, which is, so far pretty nice. Once again, nothing fancy, but the equipment is newer and the facility is much cleaner and much more well maintained. The clientele seem to be much more respectful of the facility as well. Of course there are more grown ups and fewer muscle head frat boys at this gym, so that helps. For one thing, I couldn't help but notice that the members actually strip the weights off the bars and machines when they are through using them. It doesn't hurt any that this morning I meet one of my fellow gym goers, a very hot and handsome young Latino guy, who is also built like a brick shithouse. Too make matters worse, he's very nice and offered to help me out if I needed a spot or some help with my workout. There should be a law, that when you look like that, that you have to be an asshole, so I can quietly hate you and all your hotness. I guess I'll get used to it.

Other pluses are that it is a 5 minute walk from my house and they offer classes that I can actually attend, since they are scheduled for hours either in the early hours of the morning or after work. Not at 2:00 in the afternoon.

It is still early days, however after my experience with canceling the membership with my old facility, I am happy I made the move.

When I showed up at the old gym yesterday, I cleaned out my locker and told the new manager that I would be canceling my membership. His sole concern seemed to be letting me know that the gym policy is 30 day notice, so I would be charged for February. Having worked in retail long enough, I know that as unfair as this seems, it is pretty standard. What irked me was that I was not asked why I was leaving. I have had to sell goods and services to a gullible public long enough to know that if a client announces that they are going to dispense with your product, you ask questions. You find out why they are unhappy and if you cannot persuade them to continue using your goods/services you at least try to create some good will so that the door is open. People have changes of heart and will come back to use stores or services that they swore they would never use again if they feel as though their custom was valued.

This new manager, who as far as I can ascertain, has been on the job for a couple of months now, but whose existence I was unaware of until a couple of weeks ago is an ass clown and has no business managing any kind of a business.

I think that is what really pissed me off. Not the 40 bucks that I'll never see again, just the crappy business practice. I've done this type of crap for a long time and have been pretty good at it. I had to work pretty hard to get to management level before I threw it all over for the glamour of office work, so I appreciate it when I see someone who knows their stuff.

Like I said, this guy is an ass clown, and if I find I don't like my new gym as much as it seems I will, I will go elsewhere. The old club is not getting a second chance. If they don't want my money, some other club will find that my money is green and spends just fine.

Oh, the other thing. It opens at 5 a.m., so I can go work out and then come home and enjoy my coffee in a relaxed manner before I walk to work instead of rushing out of the door to the gym to get grab a cup of coffee from a shop and then try and make the train to work.

This could all be good.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Decent cup of joe

New Years Day, Starbucks in the Prudential Center B&N.

RG and I are having coffee on our usual mission of checking out the male pulchritude wandering around loose in Boston and ogling the 20 year old barrista, when a friend of RG walks in. RG waves him over to the table.

RG: How are you? We don't see each other for ages and then twice in one week.

Friend: It's because I work over here. Both times I've seen you it's been over here.

RG: So, what are you up to today, you're not working?

Friend: At the moment, I'm looking for a good cup of coffee.

Pause for a beat.

RG: So.... why are you in Starbuck's?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008

Just a quick post to wish everyone a happy new year. I would also like to thank all my bloggy buddies old and new for keeping tabs on me and I have a whole new year to look forward to meeting more of you guys in person. (Lynette, this means you)

I hope you had the new years eve celebration of your dreams and that the new year includes fairy princesses or princes, depending on preference, and singing and well choreographed woodland animals. I personally get to go back to the office tomorrow, which only features a wicked witch.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Rain, Sleet, Snow, Kiss

When I got up this morning at my usual ungodly hour, it was sleeting out. I went through the usual ritual, though at a slightly more leisurely pace having the day off. A little later than usual I headed out to the gym and the sleet had turned to snow.

The workout went well. Better than usual in that I didn't feel rushed to get to work on time. Hot shower and then out the door to go home and the snow had turned to rain.

I decided to forgo my usual walk home from the gym and take the train back to my neck of the woods. The sidewalks and streets are covered with a thin layer of treacherous slush and I didn't feel up for a half hour of sliding down the sidewalks in the freezing rain.

Jumping off the train at Hynes, I crossed Mass Ave and as I got to Boylston and turned the corner a 55 bus made an unscheduled stop. It was a handsome driver that I have been flirting with, off and on for months, waving me over to the bus. I got on board and we exchanged pleasantries as the strange route back to my neighborhood wound its way through, just the two of us on the otherwise deserted bus.

Finally, the bus stopped at the corner of Jersey and Queensbury. With a huge grin on his face he said, "Come here." Leaning over he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into a kiss. Then releasing me he said, "Happy New Year."

I did the only things I could in the circumstance and throwing my maidenly reserve to the wind. I pulled him into another kiss and then wished him a Happy New Year as well.

Maybe I'm getting old, but that was one of the sexiest things that has happened to me in a long time.