Thursday, August 09, 2007

In other news

This spring The Niece regifted me with a gift certificate for one of my favorite nurseries and I got another clematis. It has decided it likes me and has started to bloom. Pretty sweet, huh?

Getting my game on.

This morning once again proved that sex is better than football, regardless of what Cowbell has to say.

For starters, you do not go at it for about 2 seconds and then have to spend 20 minutes getting back into position while some high school marching band plays irritating, jangly, interpretations of pop tunes that make you want to jam sharp pencils into your ears to make it stop.

You do not have to wear a helmet and 40 lbs. of protective padding.

There is no jerk in a striped jersey blowing a whistle at you.

It does not require a coach to tell you what to do next.

You do not have to hire a squad of cheerleaders.

You do no have a stadium full of fat drunks watching you.

There is a far slimmer chance you are going to break anything while having sex. Okay, at least not in a bad way.

If I have any complaint about this mornings game, it is that while we were ready willing and able to go into overtime, we had to go to work and FB was being all Mr. Responsible. (If it had been my decision, we'd probably still be going at it)

In case you haven't guessed, FB emailed me and we were doing the deed from around 6 this morning till a little after 8. That's when he looked at the clock, said he had to be at work at 9, and we went for the touchdown.

I am hoping he has a lovely vacation with the sibs on Lake Michigan and that he gets lots of rest, because I'm already up for a rematch.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Here is a picture of what my sunflowers looked like a couple of days ago. Sadly they were knocked down and more or less fucked up beyond hope by some tweeker who jumped the fence into my garden. I shouldn't complain too much. It is the first time my garden was vandalized this year. It is one of the hazards of gardening in the city and should be expected. I think I found this particularly annoying though, since as my friend and neighbor Mike pointed out, sunflowers take so long to get to maturity. Oh well. Life in the big city.

Monday, August 06, 2007


I am personally going to tear down Fenway Stadium, sow the earth with salt, put all the fat, weeble assed fans to the sword and force the morons on the team into jobs more appropriate to their intellectual talents. Serving burgers and working in stock rooms comes to mind.

There is a game on. This leads to certain problems for those without residential permits. FB does not have a neighborhood sticker. The last time he came over when there was a game on, he got towed. We agreed that it was not necessarily a great idea for him to come over on game nights. We had neglected to consult the game schedule earlier. There is a game on tonight.

I hope the Sox loose miserably, or at least more miserably than usual and that the even bigger morons who are willing to take out a mortgage to watch a game that has all the thrills of paint drying kill there stupid selves in a fit of despair and that the knuckleheads that are rewarded with millions of dollars for playing this dismally pointless game are torn limb from limb by wild animals.

I ain't getting any tonight! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to take care of something by myself.


It has been a Monday all around. I have been run off my feet for most of the day, which at least has had the virtue of keeping me busy and making the day go quickly. I have had to deal with expense accounts, travel, new scholars, moving furniture, and even running to the hardware store to purchase nuts and bolts to effect a repair on some department equipment by the simple expedient that it would be faster and easier to just do it myself.

I have also been dealing with some personal stuff either via email or over the phone. Email involves the ever elusive FB, who is in the mood it seems to tear off a quick one before he heads off to Michigan for some quality time with the family. I should point out that a quick one with this character is usually around 2 hours. Fortunately he is young, so I don't have to worry about breaking him.

Cell phone conversation was not so light hearted. A friend, really more of an acquaintance just found out he is positive and is needing support. He still seems to be a bit shell shocked and seems to both want company and not want company. We chatted for a bit and finally made a date to go to the movies. 5 minutes later he called to cancel. Since I am not sure how I'd be reacting to the news, I am willing to be patient with any erratic behavior and I will try and make myself available to hang out and also to get stood up until he has a handle on things. As I said, we are not close friends, but I don't think he has many close friends, so I guess I should take it as a compliment that he feels as though I am dependable enough to lend a shoulder to cry on at this time.

The day itself is an interesting mixture of summer in New England. We started off pleasantly warm and fairly sunny, by noon the humidity had climbed up and the skies were a solid grey. We have been treated to some thunder and torrential rain, though I have not seen any flashes of lightning. Maybe they are saving the big show for the walk home. I can see it now, walking across the Mass. Ave. bridge, the cell phone goes off, it's FB so naturally I answer, big flash of lightning and I wind up as a small pile of charcoal. This would suck in so many ways, but especially in the not getting laid department.

All in all, it's a Monday. The weekend went too quickly and I am pretty sure the week itself will drag out for what seems like a month. However, I have a fun romp to look forward to tonight and for the rest of the week Monkey and I can continue to plan our overthrow of the department.