Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another Lazy Day

Another delightfully lazy day! I worked in the garden for a while this morning and then went home to take a shower before I headed off to the gym (how counterintuitive is that) to work out with Cupcake.

Cupcake is my new trainer. I was passed on to him when my old trainer took a much better job with a more upscale gym. Cupcake is 21, working his way through college and just as cute as can be. The first couple of workouts, he was taking it easy on me I am guessing because I am so ancient. He has since figured out my old trainer wasn't kidding when he introduced us and told Cupcake, "You can beat him up all you want, he's really strong." I shot myself in the foot at any rate when he set up my weights one day, I looked at him, said "You're kidding right?" and put 20 more pounds on the bar. Now I walk out of the gym once a week feeling like I've been hit by a truck, but hey, it's all good.

I went to my favorite coffee shop afterwards to grab some lunch. It was a nice surprise on a couple of levels. The sandwich I ordered, chicken with pesto, tomato and fresh mozzarella on pannini was just delicious and the owner, who I usually see every morning when I am picking up my coffee stopped me to ask me where I'd been. I had always liked this place just because they always seem friendly, and I like it even more now that I know that they actually do pay attention to my coming and going.

I wandered across the Common to the Public Gardens and through Back Bay and then stopped at Trader Joe's to pick up some vegetables to go with dinner. I got so cruised!

I am usually oblivious, but this was a 100 watt stare. I doubt my admirer was all of 30, but what a cutey! I am now in a more full understanding of RG and his stance on the 22 year old that is stalking him. It is very flattering to have a handsome young guy check you out, but I am not sure I would want to pursue it any further. Sure, I am kicking myself a little for not chatting this kid up, but... too young. That's the long and the short of it.

I went to check out my garden to admire the progress that I have made so far and amuse myself watching the gold finches on the finch feeder I bought a few weeks ago. The feeder is set up so that the finches have to hang upside down to feed. A feat that it seems any competitors are unequal to. I also caught site of the hummingbird again. It really seems to like the salvia. I will have to think about plants that will attract hummingbirds next year.

I checked the mail and I have received a book from The Niece, "The Stolen Child" which sounds really good. It is about changelings. I know a bit about folk tales and the idea of the fairies coming and substituting children so I am intrigued by the premise and since The Niece has good taste in books, I think that I will enjoy it. That's about it for todays excitement. I could get used to being a gentleman of leisure.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lazy Sunday, sorta.

It has been a pretty eventful Sunday. I went off at 8:00 this morning with C. to the Arboretum plant sale. These things are rather like the "Running of the Brides" wedding gown sale that they have at Filene's basement. Only with WASP's in chino's, topsiders and silly canvas hats.

I arrive at these things prepared. I have the catalog marked up, or I have a cheat sheet with the plants I want. There is no deviation and I am through the sale faster than Ex-Lax.

Among this years prizes are an Arborvitae, a caryopteris, a couple of Maiden Hair ferns, 2 different varieties of daphne and a really cool, prehistoric looking fern called polystichum. All for 42 bucks. Not bad.

I got home and had some coffee and then RG came over around noon and we had a fun filled Sunday afternoon of window shopping and people watching. We went over to the Cambrige Galleria Mall, so we could stop by the Apple Store. RG wanted to drool over the iMac's since he is scoring a new computer. I have been giving him shit about buying a desktop, just to yank his chain, but he followed my advice and snagged himself a 1700.00 computer for 1100.00 by getting a refurbished computer off the Apple site. Pretty sweet, huh? At any rate once he gets this thing he will disappear off the face of the earth, so I'd better enjoy his company while it lasts. Though, I can always suggest that people watching might be as good as it was today.

I don't know what was going on, but there was some sort of hot male convention in town or something, because the 2 of us were leaving puddles of drool all over Boston. I'm not joking. Much hotness was wandering around. RG pointed out that I am as big of a pig as he is, though I reminded him that I am a picky pig, which got us off on a tangent about Warner Bros. cartoons, but that is a topic for another post.

RG discovered something today about me, so I'd better out myself before he does. I knit. Yes, it's true. Actually, I make pretty nice sweaters and someday I may even post a picture or 2, though I feel a bit like that would not be much different than boring people with pictures of grandkids. Smile, smile, nod, nod (Oh God, make it stop!)

Tomorrow morning I intend to descend on the garden, armed with a shovel and a wheelbarrow and start the landscaping renovations. I will bring my camera and get before, and hopefully after shots. I've got the whole week, but I'd like to get in a few other activities other than just gardening. I'm hoping to see Mikey during the course of the week out in the garden, however, it is getting pretty cool out there so I can't promise any more shirtless Mike this year.