Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Day

It was a cold rainy day in dear old Beantown. I met Wahz for coffee at Starbuck's his preferred hang out and we exchanged our good wishes over coffee. Not that I hadn't been over at his place last night eating Chinese take-out, but what the hey. I spoke with Clint, my parents and then the niece and I headed over to the Buttermonkey's and Dabunny's new condo for a combo housewarming New Year's Day celebration. Waffles are the traditional fare, and Monkeyboy outdid himself, venturing into savor waffles this year. Bacon, potato, cheddar waffles. Mmmmm, just hear those arteries slam shut.

Having finished "From Boys to Men", which is excellent by the way, I am working my way through "The March of Folly", a timely read. I am currently reading the section on the renaissance about the break up of the Holy See and the rise protestantism. The inbuilt self destruct of government is discouraging and a little frightening considering the state our own country is in. I am also trying to gear myself up for the return to the gym, work and the daily routine. It is nice to fantasize about a life where I could do as I please, but I am not sure how well I deal with only unstructured time, so perhaps it is a blessing that I have to mold my life around my obligations. At any rate, I feel like I have got off to a good start for the new year. Monkey's house is beautiful and he and Dabunny are happy and in the full flush of homeownership, and it make me feel good to see then in such a happy state.

Me, it is just gratifying that things are going as well as they are, and who knows, things might get even better as the year progresses. I have stuck with the gym, I have stuck with the blog and I have ridden out a lot of doubt and weirdness at work, so who knows where this new year will take me if I am willing to do the work and persist.