Friday, March 23, 2007

I am such a 10 year old

Monkey and I went down to one of the food concessions in our building because I forgot to pack a lunch. I got some cheap, not so great sushi and Monkey, who was thinking fresh fruit, appropriately enough he decided on a banana. When he took it out of the basket, he said,

"Ooo, this banana is warm!"

It must have been the look on my face, he just rolled his eyes at me.

"Just let it go, hon. Just let it go."

Where upon we both started laughing like 10 year olds. Some humor just never gets old, and for the record, the banana really was about body temperature.

Spring has sprung

It is much too nice a day to work! It really is. The temperature is up to around 60, the sun is shining more or less and the snow is rapidly retreating. The weather for the weekend is also suppose to be good so there is even something to look forward to! All in all things are looking up. I will admit, it is only small things, but they count. 2 of the most annoying people I work with are out of the office for an entire week. So life is feeling better.

I also got an nice email (photo enclosed) from one of my readers. The gentleman in question is very handsome and suggested that we had, hem, hem, met. Now kids, this was a face one was not likely to forget, but I was drawing a blank. So, after I picked the carpet lint off of my tongue, I replied, saying I really couldn't recall. The minute I hit the send button the penny dropped. Oh. OH! Yeah. Ooops. Suffice it to say that he really is that good looking and is a nice guy and it was enjoyable. And that's all you bitches are getting on that one.

Other than that, it's spring. The wands on the willows along the Charles are starting to turn yellow green, spring bulbs are starting to poke out of the ground. I am expecting to see crocus any day now and with luck, I will get to play with rakes and wheel barrows this weekend and start the process of cleaning out all of the leaves and dead branches that have accumulated in my garden over the winter.

Now I can get down to the business of bitching about the fact that I still have to put on a jacket to leave the house. Hey, who did you think was writing this, Little Mary Sunshine?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

End of phone saga

Life is returning to normal. I went to my dentist, who for the record is a terrific dentist and as cute as a button to boot, and have finished the last part of a rather expensive process and I have been assured that I shouldn't be experiencing any trouble between now and my next check up.

When I got home, my phone and internet service were back on line, so I will be able to waste time in front of the computer in the comfort and safety of my home.

I also got a letter from Daddy's little girl, which has come as a bit of a relief. I haven't heard from my daughter for a while and I was starting to get worried. All is going well there, hubby and both the kids are doing fine, so for the moment that worry is also put to bed.

Tomorrow it is back to work, but it is Friday. Next week will be a bit tight, but I will manage somehow. I've managed on fewer resources over the years.

The snow has almost completely melted away, I am starting to notice buds on the trees and spring just might make it here after all.

All of this good news should put me into a better mood, and free my mind up for more important things, like smiting mine enemies, like the phone company and anyone else who annoys me.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mr. Cranky

I am in a foul mood today. At the behest of the idiots of the phone company, I wound up taking the morning off from work, so I could sit around twiddling my thumbs waiting for a repairman to come around. I was told they would be there between 8 and 12. I kind of thought that this was going to be an exercise in futility, since they had pretty much told me that this was a problem with the cables in my neighborhood, but what do I know?

After hurrying through my workout and tearing out of the gym without a shower, I made it home at 8 on the dot. I then sat around, and sat around and sat around waiting for my cell phone to ring. It kinda goes without saying that no one ever came. I'm a sport, sort of, so I waited until 5 past noon to call up Verizon and let them know that the repairman never showed up.

The thrust of my conversation with the customer service center was that there was major cable failure in my neighborhood, there was no point in my taking the day off and loosing the mornings pay, since there was nothing that could be done from my house. Period.

I think you could now call me the Angry Evil Ganome, with at this point extra evil. I know that it's pointless. I can get as steamed up about this as I want, it will not change things, get me my pay that I've missed or in any way adversely effect the phone company. The only thing I can say at for certain at this point is that this has further stiffened my resolve to abandon Verizon once and for all and just go with a cable modem and my cell phone. Of course this will involve setting up an account with Comcast and having to pay an installation fee, so this is not going to happen immediately, I first have to catch up on some of the pay I lost fucking around today waiting for the phone company to show up.

Well, it would seem that I will just have to content myself with using public internet at the library, or shell out a couple of bucks at local coffee houses to use their service until the forces that be return me to the land of the connected.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go to the dentist.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Horror Continues

I finally managed to get a real person at Verizon. Yeah, I know, amazing. The upshot of this is that while they can pretty much tell that this problem is in a line outside my building, reinforced in part by the fact that there has been a systemic problem in my neighborhood that was caused by the snow storm, that is not stopping them from insisting that I be available to let some schmoe into my house "in case they need to test the lines."

WTF? What is with these guys? They can't test the outside lines and then get back to me? I should already know the answer to that. The last time I had a problem it took them over a week to get someone over to me. Then the repair guy didn't show up. Then I had to call them back and reschedule. This time I waited outside for the repairman. I saw the repair van come down the street and go around the corner. After about 10 minutes I went to see what the story was. This character from the phone company was sitting in his van reading the paper. We were a little annoyed.

I get Mr. Schmoe to get his well upholstered ass out of the truck to come and fix the freakin' phone. He goes around checking everything in and out of the apartment, guess what? He can't get a dial tone either! Finally, he was able to determine that some genius had shut my phone off in a manhole 2 blocks away, and hadn't bothered to turn it back on!

I know that this is going to turn into another snipe hunt and that I am going to have to sit around the house, so that they can figure out that the problem is somewhere other than the equipment inside my house and that I will have wound up taking an unpaid day at work so that I can participate in this foolishness. It is not making me a happy little Ganome. Not at all happy.

I guess I will have to suffer a little longer with Verizon until I make my move. Keep your fingers crossed, maybe they will fix the phone lines on the street before Thursday morning and I will be able to avoid all this.

Regardless, it will be nice to post from the comfort and relative quiet of my own home again.