Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Making sense of stupid

As Monkey and I were getting ready to leave work he was checking his junk mail. "Oh, another free daily planner." Opening another envelope."And yet another, but you can tell this one is for women, it's pink, and it has the phases of the moon so you can keep track of your period!" He shoves them into the miscellaneous drawer. "It's a good thing the Uber Boss doesn't see these things. She'd probably have me ordering them for everyone in the department.

I can hear her now, 'They're soooo helpful. I'm so much more organized than I was before, everyone needs to start using it, because everyone thinks the way I do. Besides they're pink, and they're so cute!'

"No one thinks the way that Uber Boss does."

I thought about that for a second. "On the little gauges on your brain, Uber Boss is riding dangerously low on Common Sense. I'd say the needle is hovering right over Empty. But the Stupid Gauge is topped right up to full. As a matter of fact the auxiliary tanks has plenty of stupid in it as well", I stated.

Monkey thought about this for a minute. "Okay. What you're saying is stupidity isn't the absence of intelligence, it's its own thing?"

"Yup.", I said.

Monkey thought about this a little more. "All right, that makes sense. By the end of the day at work, my stupid level has usually gone up."

See even stupid makes sense if you think about it.

Morning view

I am still pretty much dead from the neck up, however my misery was alleviated somewhat this morning by male hotness. If nothing else I am still able to register when good looking guys walk into the room and 3 of the regulars at my gym, who would qualify as hot in anybodies book were all working out in the free weight room this morning. This was fine, except I kept loosing count of how many crunches I was doing, which is not a bad thing, since I could use with tightening up the old midsection. It was also slightly painful, since I am trying out some more intense movements and, well, ow.

This was all scenery by the way folks. One of these guys isn't batting for my team and the other 2 are way out of my league. That said they are all nice guys and they are a distinct improvement on the morning scenery. I just felt like I needed a drool rag by the time I was done.

Having dutifully attempted to burn off some excess fat, I showered and shaved and then headed off to Park Street to catch the train to work. Standing on the platform was this bald hotty that I have been admiring on my morning commute for a few weeks now. There has been a certain amount of eye contact and smiling that has gone on which has set my little ganomey heart aflutter, so today, somewhat emboldened, I said hello. That was about it, other than a little flirtatious eye contact as we got on the train. Once on the train I noticed 2 things. He has really nice hands. He also had what would appear to be a wedding ring on one of those hands.


I can't say I was surprised. My immediate reaction when I saw this guy was, "He's gotta be taken. They don't leave ones like that just lying around." This isn't going to stop me from trying to chat this character up, I just will now be keeping my expectations realistic.

As a consolation prize, I will be having lunch with this guy, which will not only provide good conversation, but also make me take some time away from my desk. Considering what work life has been like lately, this is a good thing.

Speaking of, I have to go and attend to all of the whiners instead of blogging. Catch ya' later, kids!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nothin' Much

Gah! I'm sorry if I've been negligent, but work life has been something of a shit storm. Not that there hasn't been plenty of things to observe and write about. I just am finding myself too busy or too tired to write much about things at the moment. I will be taking notes however, and once the dust settles I will have a couple of things to rant about.

In the mean time, I just wanted to thank Gavin over at Why Oh Why, for the very nice mention of me and my blogging buds RG and that handsome Hoosier, Mike. Who knows, if I find a few minutes before the day is over I will get something of interest off.

Until then, I at least am thinking about blogging about something!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Year One

I have just realized that I have been blogging for a whole year! Well, actually it was a whole year as of yesterday. Time flies!

Our buddy Monkey set me up with a blogger account and I have been off and running ever since. It has been an interesting experience. I began imagining that I would basically be talking to myself. I have found over the months new friends and regular visitors. I was more than a little skeptical of the idea of blogging as a social networking tool.

Over the past few months I have met a lot of great people online and a few of you in person. All in all , it has not been what I expected and is proving to be fun and at times frustrating, when I feel like I have nothing to say.

So, I guess it's happy birthday to the Evil Ganome. Thanks for egging me on. God only knows what I'll be writing next!