Saturday, September 29, 2007

So rocks

Phone rings:


EG: Hi RG.


EG: You got your new computer, huh?

RG: THIS SO FUCKING ROCKS!!! I may have to beat off. (long list of every aspect of the new computer that rocks) I still want to come over tomorrow and have coffee and hang out...

EG: And look at people and laugh at them.

RG: Of course, but I will probably have red eyes and bags under them from staring at the computer.

EG:You'll probably still have a hard on.

RG:Probably. I'll talk to you tomorrow honey.

EG: Okay, see you then.

Yes, folks. RG will be back on a regular basis. His new iMac has arrived and it would seem that it so fucking rocks.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Getting MAD

Monkey posted this about a recent conversation we had regarding our desks and our work loads. He says it all AND he even did a drawing.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Stardust Memory

This morning I had the iPod set to random play and Nat King Cole's version of "Stardust" came on. I love this song and it made me wonder for a moment, why?

It came to me that it was one of those random childhood memories. Not an actual event, but one of those fossilized moments, like and insect preserved in amber. Our family sitting in a booth in a little restaurant on the lake where I grew up. We had gone out for a drive, back when going for a drive constituted entertainment and we stopped on the way home. If I cannot recall any motivation or purpose for the drive, I can remember the moment.

We had a window seat and the restaurant was situated so that the back of the place faced out over the lake, in fact the dining room was built on pilings so that it really did overhang the lake. We were seated on banquets of red vinyl with a gray formica table and on the table was mounted an old fashioned jukebox carousel that let you flip through song selections and drop your coins in at the table to play your song. Chrome and vinyl and formica. The big window looking out over the lake and the sunset, oranges, pinks, reds, purples and every shade of blue the sky could offer hanging above and reflected in the water. My mother flipping through the metal pages hinged like an upright book on the table as she and the old man waited for their beers and our sodas to arrive.

"Oh! Nat King Cole. I love this song.", and after a quick rummage for a coin, and into the slot, "Stardust" played to a heartachingly beautiful sunset over a lake in New England. The pines black around the shore and on the island, the sky and the water, fiery jewel colors. For a few minutes there was nothing in the world but this melancholy song, and nature putting on a show of color that would only happen once ever in this world. Perhaps, why I remember this is because for that brief window in time we all seemed to be happy. No, not happy, content. No conflicts, no arguments and recriminations, just peace and the splendor of the scene and the wistful and beautiful voice of Nat King Cole.

Like I said, no real memory, just a perfect moment, trapped in the amber of memory.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Win!

I was having one of my discussions with Monkey. We were talking about embarrassing childhood purchases and obsessions. He was telling me about some particularly hideous glasses that his mother bought for him when he was 11 because he liked them, which had resurfaced in the family attic.

"I'm surprised they are still around. They were hideous in the 1980's when they were new and they're hideous now." The glasses in question are lavender and shaped like tulips. "I mean for god's sake, I was still playing with unicorns when she bought them."

The mention of unicorns made me remember troll dolls which I first became aware of over 40 years ago and which as a little 'mo. They were one of those weird phenomena of the time and for some reason a very popular toy with children of both sexes. I collected them in the obsessive manner of children immersed in the latest fad. I started to tell Monkey about this.

"I should have known I was gay at the age of ten. I said, "Especially since I made clothes for them."

Monkey just looked at me dumbfounded for a second and then said, "Okay, you win."