Friday, November 02, 2007

The Big Day

Well, the wheels are in motion. I just got an email from Tater that he is waiting to board his plane. Odd as it seems the bloggers are coming to town. I am hoping to connect with Gavin, before RG spirits him off to a Celtics game. (I'd rather chew rusty razor blades) How the hell did November get here so fast?

Today is turning into a beautiful autumn day, to lull us all into a false sense of security, since tomorrow they're predicting high winds and rain. Way to go Boston! However at least for tonight Will and the Farmboyz ought to have smooth traveling conditions.

However, I unless I am sadly mistaken, a troupe of gay men will be able to find something to do with themselves regardless of the weather.

I am hoping for special guest appearances from La Simpatica tonight and the Niece tomorrow. Monkey is going to be meeting us at Fritz tonight and Mike who has to be out of town, should be turning up in time for Sunday brunch. I know that Atari is going to be appearing throughout the weekend.

I will have to make sure I pick up some extra batteries for the camera and try and remember to get some pictures of the festivities.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Just to get into the spirit of the day, here's something I found on YouTube. Enjoy!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Over at last

With a mere three dozen arrests, a few fires and the odd overturned private vehicle it is at last over. Yes, baseball season has finally ended and now I will only have to put up with the college students in my neighborhood until April.

Yeah, I know I'm just a big spoil sport. After all, it was just high spirits.

Welcoming committee

I spent some time yesterday with Atari and RG hammering out things for next weekend when our out of town guests arrive. Meet and greet will at Fritz in the South End around 8. Saturday morning ( I assume late morning ) we will hit the Freedom Trail. Saturday evening people will head over to Davis Square in Somerville to gorge on BBQ at Redbones, after which I imagine people will figure out how they will be amusing themselves for the rest of the evening. Sunday for those who can, brunch at Canestaro's in my neighborhood before people head off.

The out of towner's will be , Why Oh Why, Tater and the Farmboyz. (No Will, you don't count because you were a Bostonian until a couple of months ago.)

I should point out that this planning was done at great personal risk. In an ill advised moment, I ordered a Bloody Mary, which actually became quite bloody when I cut my lip on a chipped edge on the glass. I'm sure RG is still cursing himself for not getting a picture of me with a napkin stuffed in my mouth. I will have to write some on the quest to get a drink, which was epic and at one point I believe was being compared to the Battan Death March.