Friday, October 19, 2007


For some reason I seem to have got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning. I really don't have any reason to be cranky. I actually got a pretty good nights sleep, the Uber-boss is out for the day, I had a very good workout this morning and I am going to the opera tonight.

The opera, "Ainadamar" alone should be making me happy. It is being directed by Peter Sellers and Dawn Upshaw will be singing. Ordinarily I am something of a philistine and if it's not in the canon then chances are I am not really interested. Philip Glass I find to be like a toothache. However I have heard some samples of Golijov's music and I think this will be both interesting and enjoyable.

Maybe it's the weather. It is a rather dismal day. Gray, foggy, too warm for October and unpleasantly humid. I think at this point I am ready for short cool days and the weather just seems disconcertingly out of place. I guess I don't enjoy the tease when I know that the misery of winter weather is right around the corner.

It could have been the fact that "the driller" was working out this morning. There is a fellow that comes to my gym that almost exclusively uses the machines. His approach is to assume the correct position to perform the exercise and then instead of actually lifting the weights, will become rigid, lever the weights up and then drop them. It sounds like he's drilling for oil, hence the driller. The experience can be a bit nerve wracking first thing in the morning. In spite of that, I actually had a good workout and continue to keep up the optimistic hope that eventually I will start looking like someone who goes to the gym, all current evidence to the contrary.

My morning trip to my regular coffee shop was also marred by the new kid working the counter. Ordinarily I walk in and half the time my coffee is waiting for me when I get to the counter. This wasn't the case this morning which was fine. I don't know the new kid from Adam. However, the fact that he ignored me for 5 minutes while he had a very animated conversation with some friend standing there, did not win him a new friend in me. Eventually, the young woman who used to work the cash register and has moved on to food prep saw me waiting, got me my coffee and then had to tell new counter boy to ring me up, since he really couldn't be bothered to pay attention.

I wonder if all of this is carbohydrate deprivation. I am trying to get a couple of pounds off, before Gavin, Tater and the Farmboyz arrive for a weekend in the provinces. Extraneous Ganome, hanging over the belt is in the process of being, if not eliminated, at least minimized as much as possible.

I also am trying to create a new data base at work. Well, spreadsheet actually, which involves fighting the evil forces of Excel. I have also had a visitor show up, who no one in the office found it necessary to inform me was arriving, so I had to scramble for non-existent desk space and get him settled in. Still I got it done and that is something.

Whatever the cause of my whiny condition, I hope to have it under control by this evening. Besides, it's Friday and that should be enough to make anyone happy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

If I buy the yarn....

Bad joke time!

Gay Man #1: My mother made me a homosexual.

Gay Man #2: If I buy the yarn, will she make me one?

Roger is trying to expand his knitting horizons, so I sent this picture off to him to see if I could spur him on to new projects. Actually, I suggested that he try making socks. However, since I came out of the closet on the internet about my knitting habit and the fact that cold weather is arriving and I am getting my sweaters out, I thought I would show an example of what you can accomplish if you have too much time on your hands and virtually no love life.

No Cupcake

Cupcake flaked out on me last night. I rushed home to feed the cat before the gym and as I was putting my coat back on the cell phone rang. Cupcake had overbooked and was looking to reschedule. I swear that the child is always late and totally disorganized. I am thinking about consulting the committee and seeing if he can get an honorary gay card.

In the long run I am sure it was all for the best since my chest is still sore from Mondays workout. None the less I went to the gym this morning and beat the crap out of my shoulders. I figure by the end of the day I will be unable to raise my arms. Hey, it's all good.

At any rate, I now have to once again try and set up a workout date with someone I am beginning to understand has the attention span of a mosquito. Don't get me wrong. Cupcake is a very good trainer and I have been making some progress since I have started working with him and have got some very good direction. It's just a matter of getting him positioned so that I am in his line of sight.

It's a good thing for him that he's so cute is all I can say.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another post

I wound up having a very nice time last night with FB. It was good to see him again and a lot of fun, (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) For all you nosy bitches, the most you need to know is that once again I made a valiant attempt to swallow a man whole, dick first.

A nice side effect is that I slept like a baby last night. My circadian rhythm has been off ever since I got sick. Sleeping 20 hours a day for a week will really throw your internal clock off. Getting your freak on is a good way to tire yourself out for a good nights sleep. Since it happens a lot less frequently these days, I tend to forget that.

In other news, I am back at the gym and fairly sore. Going over a week without a workout makes a difference and now that I am a week back into the whole exercise program, I am still on the ouchy side. Tonight I get to go and have Cupcake torture me at the gym, which will I am sure be great fun. While Cupcake seems to be a really good trainer, I am starting to question the wisdom of working with someone who is one and half adults younger than I am. On the other hand, sometimes it's worth it to see the expression on his face when I can lift weights that he is convinced are too heavy for me.

Other than that my life is pretty much a big gaping void right now. There seems to be something in the air. Some malaise of the spirit. Everyone is feeling out of sorts and lazy. The one common thread I have heard all day is, "I just wanna go back to bed." And for those who are ready to get all smart assy, let me point out the only thing waiting for me in my bed right now is the cat. Mostly, I think it is just getting used to the shortening days. It really hasn't been until the past week that the weather has shown even the slightest inclination to cool off, so I don't think it's the change in the weather that is inducing the coma for me. Well, I suppose I should try and do a more convincing job of pretending to work.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday blahs

It's Monday. I have to say, it was a bit of a struggle getting out of the house this morning. My sleep pattern was shot to shit by the cold and I am now trying to get back to my normal bed and wake time. Easier said than done. I am about ready to resort to drugs.

Friday I spent the afternoon at my hunky dentist office. Sticker shock at the desk when I was checking out was pretty much to be expected. I have to keep reminding myself that he is actually very reasonable and that having teeth crowned is very expensive. I think I can safely say that any physical discomfort was outweighed by the pain in my wallet. Fortunately for me, Dr. D. does payment plans.

Saturday was a quite day. As they used to say in the westerns. Too quiet. I got nothing accomplished and spent a lot of time napping.

Sunday I spent wandering around town with RG. He needed to escape from his house. His roomate, who is finally home, was having family over and it threatened to turn into a mob scene. We went to brunch and then after a certain amount of hunting around located flash cards at Barnes & Noble's to help his housemate in his recovery from his stroke. Other than that it was lots of window shopping. I found a beautiful Joseph Abboud suit at Marshall's marked down to a mere $400. RG also discovered that I do no lie when I say I wear a 42. He seemed pretty convinced I could wear a 40, until he tried to cram me into a 40 jacket. It fit like a sausage casing. When the unforseen day where I actually have the money and find a suit that I do like, however, I have to make sure that I have some extra cash for tailoring, since the pants that come with a 42 short could accommodate 2 Ganomes.

Pretty much the afternoon revolved around looking at stuff we can't afford. I have discovered that RG has much more traditional taste in furniture than I do and he discovered that I have a whole different agenda as to what constitutes a comfortable chair. With a 26 inch inseam, I am not remotely interested in the chairs that I am seeing everywhere with the really deep seats.

We finally went out separate ways and I left RG flirting with the humpy bus driver on the overcrowded shuttle bus we had taken from downtown.

As I said, I dragged myself out of bed this morning and after dosing myself with some coffee headed off to the gym. It was a pretty uninspiring workout. Neither terrible nor with the lift of having exceeding my current level. However a little ray of sunshine appeared in my email. FB dropped a line to ask what I am doing after work. I think I do not have to tell anyone what I now have planned for after work. It might just be an all right Monday after all.