Sunday, January 14, 2007

Smoking update

I started taking Chantix Thursday morning. It is a new medication for smoking cessation. It basically kills the flavor of cigarettes and makes smoking them, at least so far, slightly unpleasant. It works too, it has made my beloved Camel's less than palatable. It also makes you fart. This in conjunction with the whey protein that I am suppose to be consuming for my new work out regimen is having some rather unfortunate results. I am suppose to go off on a field trip today with FB. An hour and a half to our destination and ditto back. It is not a day to drive with the windows open either. I am starting to have a vision of myself in this situation. Either that or being picked up by the EPA. I am wondering if Beano will help? If you hear that 2 queens were found dead on the Mass. Pike from the effects of methane exposure, you'll know who it was. (At least I'll find out how much FB likes me.)