Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Eat and eat and eat....

I am getting on with my new workout/diet. Both are, for me, counter intuitive. I spent so much time conditioning myself to watch what I eat and exercise constantly that now that I am suppose to eat constantly and cut back on my frequency of routine... well it's a little disconcerting. I am also having a problem with the idea that I will probably go over my pre-diet weight and not look like a baggy filled with custard. Le Soigneur tells me to think of it as muscle gain, not weight gain.

On the smoking front, I have only lit up twice today. I think that lit up is the operative term, since one I only took a few drags off of the first and the second I did not smoke even half. As someone who usually smokes 5 or 6 down to the filter with his morning coffee this is a pretty dramatic change. There is something very strange about any drug that simply renders cigarettes so flat and flavorless that you start to loose the yen for them. However, I am not going to argue with success.

I must now go and allow the other people working in my department to drive me crazy, and eat some more, and then eat some more... It adds a whole new dimension to the term ad nauseum.