Friday, January 19, 2007

Killing time

I am hanging out in the lobby of Shapiro building, killing time while waiting for my appointment with my doctor at BID Medical. It is nice to be able to drag a computer around with me. The novelty I think has simply not worn off yet. My old PowerBook was before the day of wireless being ubiquitous, so being able to tag free internet access is still a new experience. I will have to think about the progress of tech in my lifetime. I remember my grandmother who was born in 1900 telling me about the first time she saw a car, the first time she saw an airplane fly overhead, radios and other wonders of the modern world coming all in a seeming rush. If she were still alive what would she think of the way that things seem to change on a daily basis. She was able to maintain a sense of wonder about the world around her. What would she think about her grandson's blasé, sometime cynical attitude towards the world.

I find myself thinking about an old saying that goes something like, "I think about everything I learned today and all the things I won't know tomorrow."