Friday, October 19, 2007


For some reason I seem to have got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning. I really don't have any reason to be cranky. I actually got a pretty good nights sleep, the Uber-boss is out for the day, I had a very good workout this morning and I am going to the opera tonight.

The opera, "Ainadamar" alone should be making me happy. It is being directed by Peter Sellers and Dawn Upshaw will be singing. Ordinarily I am something of a philistine and if it's not in the canon then chances are I am not really interested. Philip Glass I find to be like a toothache. However I have heard some samples of Golijov's music and I think this will be both interesting and enjoyable.

Maybe it's the weather. It is a rather dismal day. Gray, foggy, too warm for October and unpleasantly humid. I think at this point I am ready for short cool days and the weather just seems disconcertingly out of place. I guess I don't enjoy the tease when I know that the misery of winter weather is right around the corner.

It could have been the fact that "the driller" was working out this morning. There is a fellow that comes to my gym that almost exclusively uses the machines. His approach is to assume the correct position to perform the exercise and then instead of actually lifting the weights, will become rigid, lever the weights up and then drop them. It sounds like he's drilling for oil, hence the driller. The experience can be a bit nerve wracking first thing in the morning. In spite of that, I actually had a good workout and continue to keep up the optimistic hope that eventually I will start looking like someone who goes to the gym, all current evidence to the contrary.

My morning trip to my regular coffee shop was also marred by the new kid working the counter. Ordinarily I walk in and half the time my coffee is waiting for me when I get to the counter. This wasn't the case this morning which was fine. I don't know the new kid from Adam. However, the fact that he ignored me for 5 minutes while he had a very animated conversation with some friend standing there, did not win him a new friend in me. Eventually, the young woman who used to work the cash register and has moved on to food prep saw me waiting, got me my coffee and then had to tell new counter boy to ring me up, since he really couldn't be bothered to pay attention.

I wonder if all of this is carbohydrate deprivation. I am trying to get a couple of pounds off, before Gavin, Tater and the Farmboyz arrive for a weekend in the provinces. Extraneous Ganome, hanging over the belt is in the process of being, if not eliminated, at least minimized as much as possible.

I also am trying to create a new data base at work. Well, spreadsheet actually, which involves fighting the evil forces of Excel. I have also had a visitor show up, who no one in the office found it necessary to inform me was arriving, so I had to scramble for non-existent desk space and get him settled in. Still I got it done and that is something.

Whatever the cause of my whiny condition, I hope to have it under control by this evening. Besides, it's Friday and that should be enough to make anyone happy.