Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday blahs

It's Monday. I have to say, it was a bit of a struggle getting out of the house this morning. My sleep pattern was shot to shit by the cold and I am now trying to get back to my normal bed and wake time. Easier said than done. I am about ready to resort to drugs.

Friday I spent the afternoon at my hunky dentist office. Sticker shock at the desk when I was checking out was pretty much to be expected. I have to keep reminding myself that he is actually very reasonable and that having teeth crowned is very expensive. I think I can safely say that any physical discomfort was outweighed by the pain in my wallet. Fortunately for me, Dr. D. does payment plans.

Saturday was a quite day. As they used to say in the westerns. Too quiet. I got nothing accomplished and spent a lot of time napping.

Sunday I spent wandering around town with RG. He needed to escape from his house. His roomate, who is finally home, was having family over and it threatened to turn into a mob scene. We went to brunch and then after a certain amount of hunting around located flash cards at Barnes & Noble's to help his housemate in his recovery from his stroke. Other than that it was lots of window shopping. I found a beautiful Joseph Abboud suit at Marshall's marked down to a mere $400. RG also discovered that I do no lie when I say I wear a 42. He seemed pretty convinced I could wear a 40, until he tried to cram me into a 40 jacket. It fit like a sausage casing. When the unforseen day where I actually have the money and find a suit that I do like, however, I have to make sure that I have some extra cash for tailoring, since the pants that come with a 42 short could accommodate 2 Ganomes.

Pretty much the afternoon revolved around looking at stuff we can't afford. I have discovered that RG has much more traditional taste in furniture than I do and he discovered that I have a whole different agenda as to what constitutes a comfortable chair. With a 26 inch inseam, I am not remotely interested in the chairs that I am seeing everywhere with the really deep seats.

We finally went out separate ways and I left RG flirting with the humpy bus driver on the overcrowded shuttle bus we had taken from downtown.

As I said, I dragged myself out of bed this morning and after dosing myself with some coffee headed off to the gym. It was a pretty uninspiring workout. Neither terrible nor with the lift of having exceeding my current level. However a little ray of sunshine appeared in my email. FB dropped a line to ask what I am doing after work. I think I do not have to tell anyone what I now have planned for after work. It might just be an all right Monday after all.