Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No Cupcake

Cupcake flaked out on me last night. I rushed home to feed the cat before the gym and as I was putting my coat back on the cell phone rang. Cupcake had overbooked and was looking to reschedule. I swear that the child is always late and totally disorganized. I am thinking about consulting the committee and seeing if he can get an honorary gay card.

In the long run I am sure it was all for the best since my chest is still sore from Mondays workout. None the less I went to the gym this morning and beat the crap out of my shoulders. I figure by the end of the day I will be unable to raise my arms. Hey, it's all good.

At any rate, I now have to once again try and set up a workout date with someone I am beginning to understand has the attention span of a mosquito. Don't get me wrong. Cupcake is a very good trainer and I have been making some progress since I have started working with him and have got some very good direction. It's just a matter of getting him positioned so that I am in his line of sight.

It's a good thing for him that he's so cute is all I can say.