Saturday, June 09, 2007

Nice flowers

I woke up to a really dreary day this morning. It hardly seemed as though the sun had come up. Grey, dark, almost chilly, you get the idea. It would have seemed a bit more discouraging except I had some new plants I wanted to get in the ground and this is ideal planting weather.

So, there was I, trotting out of the house at 6:00 a.m., carrying a flat of flowering goodness, heading for the garden.

As I walked out, a couple of biker bears were across the street getting ready to go off to some pre-pride event. Or something. I'm making assumptions here. Anyway, they were in their own way, pretty tasty, so I was blatantly checking them out. They in return were giving me the once over. The taller of the two yells over to me, "Nice flowers!", in a friendly way. I smiled at them and called back, "Nice bike!". He then said something that sounded like "Wanna take a ride!", but I was on a mission and just smiled at them and kept moving.

There was a certain amount of rubber necking and as they started the bike, I craned my neck around, tall biker had climbed up behind his bear buddy and shouted as they pulled out, "Hey, nice ass!"

I smiled all the way to the garden.