Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Horror Continues

I finally managed to get a real person at Verizon. Yeah, I know, amazing. The upshot of this is that while they can pretty much tell that this problem is in a line outside my building, reinforced in part by the fact that there has been a systemic problem in my neighborhood that was caused by the snow storm, that is not stopping them from insisting that I be available to let some schmoe into my house "in case they need to test the lines."

WTF? What is with these guys? They can't test the outside lines and then get back to me? I should already know the answer to that. The last time I had a problem it took them over a week to get someone over to me. Then the repair guy didn't show up. Then I had to call them back and reschedule. This time I waited outside for the repairman. I saw the repair van come down the street and go around the corner. After about 10 minutes I went to see what the story was. This character from the phone company was sitting in his van reading the paper. We were a little annoyed.

I get Mr. Schmoe to get his well upholstered ass out of the truck to come and fix the freakin' phone. He goes around checking everything in and out of the apartment, guess what? He can't get a dial tone either! Finally, he was able to determine that some genius had shut my phone off in a manhole 2 blocks away, and hadn't bothered to turn it back on!

I know that this is going to turn into another snipe hunt and that I am going to have to sit around the house, so that they can figure out that the problem is somewhere other than the equipment inside my house and that I will have wound up taking an unpaid day at work so that I can participate in this foolishness. It is not making me a happy little Ganome. Not at all happy.

I guess I will have to suffer a little longer with Verizon until I make my move. Keep your fingers crossed, maybe they will fix the phone lines on the street before Thursday morning and I will be able to avoid all this.

Regardless, it will be nice to post from the comfort and relative quiet of my own home again.