Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring has sprung

It is much too nice a day to work! It really is. The temperature is up to around 60, the sun is shining more or less and the snow is rapidly retreating. The weather for the weekend is also suppose to be good so there is even something to look forward to! All in all things are looking up. I will admit, it is only small things, but they count. 2 of the most annoying people I work with are out of the office for an entire week. So life is feeling better.

I also got an nice email (photo enclosed) from one of my readers. The gentleman in question is very handsome and suggested that we had, hem, hem, met. Now kids, this was a face one was not likely to forget, but I was drawing a blank. So, after I picked the carpet lint off of my tongue, I replied, saying I really couldn't recall. The minute I hit the send button the penny dropped. Oh. OH! Yeah. Ooops. Suffice it to say that he really is that good looking and is a nice guy and it was enjoyable. And that's all you bitches are getting on that one.

Other than that, it's spring. The wands on the willows along the Charles are starting to turn yellow green, spring bulbs are starting to poke out of the ground. I am expecting to see crocus any day now and with luck, I will get to play with rakes and wheel barrows this weekend and start the process of cleaning out all of the leaves and dead branches that have accumulated in my garden over the winter.

Now I can get down to the business of bitching about the fact that I still have to put on a jacket to leave the house. Hey, who did you think was writing this, Little Mary Sunshine?