Sunday, January 07, 2007

Good Morning

Today has begun more auspiciously than yesterday. I woke up early on this the only day of the week I am free of the tyranny of the gym and decided to get some things out of the way. I threw a couple of loads into the washer, changed the sheets on the bed and managed a blog entry. Then to my joy and surprise, I received a booty call from FB (a much more welcome advance than yesterday's) so I sprinted through the shower and he showed up right on time.

We haven't seen each other for a while but it was a couple of hours before we could do any catching up. (It's not polite to talk with your mouth full) Their wasn't any earthshaking news on either side, but it was pleasant just to spend some time with him. At any rate, we are considering a field trip to Connect-a-dot to check out Logee's. FB has suggested we try out sex in the greenhouse, but I think he was only joking.

At any rate he trundled off and I am preparing to head out with my buddy Clint to go to the discount pet supply store for a sack o' kibble for Alice as well as a bucket of shitty litter. We are also considering the wisdom of trying a new pastry shop in J.P. that Clint claims might be as good as Athan's, in Brookline. Athan's is a vice, it is evident simply by virtue of the fact that nothing that artery cloggingly delicious can be any better for your morals than it is for your waistline. Gluttony, true gluttony is highly underrated as a sin. Not the MacDonald's super size burger meal with the oil drum of Coke variety, but the eating that one beautifully crafted, incredibly bad for you symphony of sugar, butter, cream and other forms of cholesterol of the finest quality that will cause you to weep because you really can not eat even one more. Is Creme Anglais really not a beverage? Deep sigh. I'll let you know how it was, and besides I'll be heading back to the gym tomorrow morning to pay for my sins.

update: Sweet Christopher's lived up to the hype. I must now try and beauty nap off some of the effect of chocolate mousse, light and yet satisfyingly rich layered with chocolate genoise and covered in ganache that was my selection. C. went for the lemon mousse and coconut variation, sans ganache. (Truly fab, extra calorie burning tomorrow.)