Monday, June 30, 2008

My Hero

It was a pretty quiet weekend. The weather was not the greatest, but I am sure that the plant life appreciates the showers, if not the occasional torrential downpours we've been experiencing. So, the weekend was dedicated to laundry, grocery shopping and general avoidance of housecleaning.

To that end I went and saw a movie that I have been looking forward too for months now.

I had planned on going on Saturday with a friend, but Mark is having a bout with sciatica and by the time he didn't get back to me one way or the other about going I was feeling too lazy to run to get to the showing that I had planned on seeing.

So yesterday,I went to a mid afternoon showing and the auditorium was full of homos and kids.

I am not going to offer any spoilers. I am just going to tell you that it is well worth the price of admission. The animation is spectacular and the story is sweet and has a message. Hey, it's a Brad Bird film, what did you expect?

It is about perseverance and hope and being more than you think you can be. I'm not going to give you much more, except that one message that I walked away with is that if you want change, you have to look to yourself and that if you have hope, it can be contagious.

Oh, and my favorite gag is the noise WALL-E makes when he reboots!