Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Muffin Tail

I was having my morning cup of coffee with Monkey. It was the usual rambling conversation. He was telling me about the class he's taking for his master's degree (which I am told he will be blogging the horror of) and just general nonsense.

We got to the topic of stupid, but accepted behavior and I said something about if I see one more dumpy young guy with his pants falling off his ass.... I opined that no one wants to see it. I then ventured that it was as bad as muffin tops, or worse, muffin tops with visible thongs.

Monkey: There should be a portmanteau word for it. Sorta like... muffin whale... or muffin tail.

Me: Muffin tail! I like it. I can go with muffin tail.

Next time you see some overweight person with hip huggers and a thong pulled up over the belt line, think muffin tail. I like this expression and want it to fall into common usage.

And remember, you heard it from the Monkey first.