Friday, April 25, 2008

Seven things

I got tagged by this clown to participate in a meme. I am suppose to tell you 7 things about myself. Like blogging isn’t constantly talking about yourself, but here goes.

1. I am left handed. Over the years I have had to learn to do a lot of tasks right handed, ‘cause we live in a world designed by and for right handed people. I now actually find some tasks more difficult to do in a left handed manner. However, the person who designed can openers is a servant of Satan.

2. I like being short. Which is probably a good thing, since, I’m really short. If I have any problems at all with my height, it is tall people who act like I have some terrible deformity. Oh, and for you politically correct types, if you have a problem with the term short, go tell someone who is interested. I am short, I am not small.

3. I like eating offal. This seems to be considered some sort of bizarre behavior in this country. I get the impression that because in my omnivorous pursuits that by eating things like brains, kidneys, etc. that makes me disgusting or demented. Or possibly both. Hey, more for me!

4. I am painfully shy. I really have a very hard time around new people and it just gets exponentially worse around large groups of new people, so as you can imagine, I have rather mixed feelings about the upcoming gay blogger meet up in NYC next month.

5. I have not dyed my hair since it started turning gray. When I was younger, I was not averse to trying out different colors or bleaching. Once it started turning gray, it just seemed like dying it would put me in some sort of pathetic, creepy old guy category. So, I am now pathetic, old and creepy with gray hair.

6. I never finished college. When I was younger, this was something of an obstacle when it came to employment. Now, being over 50, people couldn’t care less what my level of education is, since I am old and worn out and no good to anyone as an employee. This is why I work in academia.

7. I don’t watch TV. I don’t think this makes me smarter, or better then everyone else. It just bores and annoys me. I’m not sure what happened, unless the programming really did get to be that god awful, since I used to love to reduce my brains to oatmeal watching TV. I blame “Will and Grace” and “Friends” which I found unwatchable.

There you go. Seven not particularly fascinating things about me. Heaven's to Betsy I'm dull.