Saturday, April 26, 2008

Only 3 more weeks!

Time is getting away from me. I will be heading down to New York in 3 short weeks to attend GBVNYC.

This pain in the ass will be coming and from what I can gather will be sharing a hotel room with this character. Talk about adding a new meaning to room service.

They are probably going to try to lead this poor innocent lad astray!

Once I get there it will be nice to reconnect with this guy, this guy, this guy and these 2 handsome fellows, who I’ve been lucky enough to meet in person. I am also hoping to see this mathematician and this other guy who you’ve probably never heard of.

I plan to be clocking some time with this guy and these 2 fellows from the great northwest, who I only know through emails and chat.

Rumor also has it that we may be graced with the presence of this lovely lady, if she can get away. (Tate and I are going to be so disappointed if you don’t come) I also am under the impression that some redhead from DC will be putting in an appearance.

Someone else from the northwest had hoped to come, but is unable to, which was a big disappointment.

It sounds like people are coming from all over the country and I’m sure everyone will have a good time. Or at least die in the effort.

Now if we can just get SubtleKnife, Willym and Sageweb there...