Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never too old

I share my office with 3 other people, all of whom are considerably younger than I am. They are all nice young guys though and things actually are pretty harmonious. This morning, one of my office mates told me that he had a story that he wanted to share with me that he thought I'd appreciate.

It seems that one of his uncles has just come out to the family. The uncle, who had been married has been divorced for several years now. Not too long ago my office mate and his dad had been visiting and they had met the uncle's "friend". After the visit, office mate, hereafter referred to as OM said to his father, "Do you think Uncle M is gay?"

His father opined that he had been wondering the same thing himself.

A few months later the uncle decided to come out to the family and the news, such as it was, was broken to every one, including OM's 94 year old grandmother. Her response was to send flowers to the uncles partner with a note welcoming him into the family.

"How cool is that?", OM asked me. "I mean, she's 94 and my late grandfather was very conservative and would not have been accepting at all. And my grandmother had always been the good supportive wife who always backed up anything her husband said."

I gather that there is going to be a family reunion, and both grandma and the newest member of the family are going to be there. OM is pretty excited about all this and is looking forward to seeing the meeting of the generations. Did I mention that OM is a straight boy? Cause he is. And he's excited about all this, because as a young straight guy, he thinks this is the way the world should work.

All I have to say about OM is, "How cool is that?"