Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Real Girl Scouts?

I was on a work related errand when I was mugged by Girl Scouts selling their hellish cookies in the lobby of one of our buildings. I know they are crappy box cookies that are made entirely out of artificial ingredients but for some reason I can't help myself. Ordinarily I am immune to the begging of various do-gooding groups that are hawking their wares in the common areas, but there is something about the siren call of girl scout cookies, they managed to short circuit my blinders and the next thing I knew I was having my pocket picked by these female con artists who are even shorter than I am.

As I walked away, in a haze of anticipated sugar and hydrogenated fats, I realized I could have saved myself if only I had remembered the line from "The Addams Family".

"Is your lemonade made with real lemons?"

"Yes. Are your cookies made with real Girl Scouts?"

I am desperately trying to foist these off on anyone foolish enough to walk into my office. These so can not come home with me.

The answer to my dilemma was ease itself, foist as many as possible onto grad students and give the rest to Monkey who is a push over for sugar. In all I only ate about 5 cookies. Hey it's my waistline or theirs and in the battle of the bulge, there are gonna be casualties. I don't plan on being one.