Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Liberty Station Day 2

I am sitting in Peet's. Ordinarily by now, I would be finishing up my shower and getting ready to head off to work. I am on my way to work but without seeing the inside of my gym for the first time in weeks. It is a strange feeling and I have to wonder how it will affect the rhythm of my day. I am if nothing else a creature of habit. Wake up, start the coffee, feed the cat, off to the gym, off to work. It has up until recently given my day a fairly satisfying shape.

I go back tomorrow and work some more with the trainer, Friday I work on my legs and then I have the entire weekend of completely resting. After that I am not sure what my workout schedule will look like, though it has been hinted that more cardio is in my future.

All in all, a change will be good. Work is making me cranky , and I am not sure whether it is actually the job or if it is just the time of the year. Neither fish nor fowl. It doesn't feel like it is still really winter, but it isn't spring either. I am dull and want something indefinable. A new apartment, a new job, a reliable boyfriend? Has spring fever struck early? I still have all of March and at least half of April to go before I can get out in my garden, an always therapeutic activity. I have all weekend to do pretty much as I please with. I should spend some time with C. who I have seen far too little of recently, and I could get on my buddy Mike's ass for some quality time, since I have seen him not at all in months.

Crab, crab, crab! Here it is a warm day for February and all I can do is gripe. I think I just need to kick myself in the ass. I have to think of something to do to cheer myself up. What can I do to aggravate my ex? I haven't done that in years! Nah! Too much work. I'll think of something.