Wednesday, January 24, 2007


As I mentioned I started to read "Our Mutual Friend". As habit would have it, I have now picked up "A Portrait of a Lady" as well and I am reading them in tandem. I should also mention that I finished "The March of Folly" which was a timely read. You would think that the section on the Viet Nam conflict was the most relevant considering the current state of affairs in Iraq. However I am forced to say that GWB can not claim any special place to obstinate blockheadedness as an American leader. In some ways the section on the British loosing the American Colonies is more relevant. George the 3rd, like George the Turd, surrounded himself only with those who agreed with his every misguided thought and dismissed or banished or persecuted any who would try and defy his god given right to rule foolishly.

I also read in the course of 2 days, Alexander Chee's , "Edinburgh". If you have not read it, I can only suggest that you do so. The subject matter is disturbing, and the prose are exquisite. The combination makes for a compelling read that is engrossing. I swear that the style of Mr. Chee's writing keeps you floating an inch off your seat as you read it. I don't want you to think that I am saying that this book is merely beautiful prose, Edinburgh asks more of the reader. It asks the reader to think, and I am still thinking about this book.

So, having a cold is not all bad, but I am tired of being sick and really want to get back in the gym and have muscle aches that ache in a good way.