Friday, December 19, 2008

Yummy Xmas

Yesterday, the mail hottie Claudio stopped by my office to deliver a package. I didn't take much notice at first since I thought it was just something I had ordered for faculty.

Then I looked at the return label. Those awesome Oregonians Mark and Roger sent me a care package full of holiday goodness. Habenero Dill Pickles, Tomatilla Salsa and 3 kinds of jam! Raspberry, Apricot and their own special blend that they call "Black and Blue" jam, which as the name implies is made with blackberries an blueberries. As good as it sounds, I am prepared to tell you since I am having some on top of my post workout English muffin, it is in fact better than it sounds.

As I get older I am not that big on receiving presents for Xmas anymore. Usually it entails getting some toy or useless item that you really don't need and will more than likely will wind up in the back of the closet.

I am however more than willing to make an exception for such things as the Nieces annual "heart attack in a box" package of baked goodies and I can also say that I just love my surprise package from Mark and Roger. Getting consumer crap is one thing. Getting something that actually took some effort and was made with care seems as I get older a much more sincere expression of friendship.

I have been lucky enough in the past year to get a box of goodies from Mark and Roger, so I know what I have to look forward to. You can all begin to envy me now. The only problem will be to restrain myself from scarfing it all down like the greedy pig I am.

Thanks again guys, and Merry Christmas!