Monday, June 16, 2008

Second opinion

I was starting to wonder if I really had food poisoning last week after I ran into Mike and he told me something was going around. But, Friday I was feeling a little better by the afternoon, so I figured "Hey, it's almost over with."

Saturday, I woke up feeling kinda crappy, but I went up to the North Shore to see the nieces new house. It was fun. We looked at paint chips and talked about color schemes. It was probably a lot gayer thing to do, than attend the boredom that it Boston Pride. Emboldened, I ate dinner that night.

Big mistake.

Yesterday, I spent the day feeling just plain awful. I am not feeling a whole lot better today, but I came into work anyway, 'cause God only knows what they'll get up to in my absence that I'll wind up having to straighten out later.

One of my co-workers came in and asked me how I was feeling and then started questioning me about symptoms. It turns out she started to feel lousy on Saturday and as far as we can tell, we both have the same thing.

As long as we stay away from solid food things are fine. We are both drinking lots of water and as I pointed out to her, on the upside, I've now dropped 5 lbs since Weds!

If this keeps up for another week, I should be at my goal weight.