Friday, June 20, 2008

Mr. Hot Dom Top Daddy

I've learned to live with gray hair. My beard is pretty much white, the hair is getting more gray, even as we speak, gray in my eyebrows on my chest and down in the south 40. But the other day I found a gray hair on my arm! WTF is that about?

So far the words of wisdom I have received have been:

Monkey: "So, is your ear hair starting to turn gray?"

La Simpatica: "This is why Brazilian waxes are so important."

On the other hand things can't be all bad. I ran into Mike and another gardener Ron, last night. Naturally, as gay men we were discussing the important topics of the day, our weight and our workouts. Ron was making Oooooo noises about Mike's admittedly impressive guns. Mike was having none of it and was talking about bulking up a little.

Mike: "I'm thinking about putting on 5 lbs."

Ron: "How much do you weigh?"

Mike: "About 165."

Me: "Christ, you only outweigh me by 5 lbs!"

Mike: "Yeah, but you're all muscle."

Ron: "Yeah, you're looking pumped, dude. You still going to the gym a lot?"

Me: "These tits don't happen all by themselves."

Mike: "You should see his picture on his blog. He looks like Mr. Hot Dom Top Daddy."

Mr. Hot Dom Top Daddy? Maybe I should change my blog handle. (I just know that bitch RG is pissing himself laughing reading this)