Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fit to be tied

I am going to be getting an award from the school I work for. It's a pretty big deal. The award is given out by the school, not just the department. I guess I sort of felt pretty good about it when I first heard, but it took on a whole new meaning when I found out I had been nominated by the students.

The young people in our grad program are very busy. They probably have a heavier workload than the faculty. Putting one of these nominations through takes a lot of work and I guess that they were determined to see this thing through, because on the 26th, I will be getting a plaque from the president of the school and then eating rubber chicken. (I should also mention I get a nice fat check too.)

So, I feel like I have to do the kids proud. I went out and got a new suit that is at the tailors right now. Finding a 42 short is a whole blog post in itself. Hint to the clothing industry, it should be a 10 inch drop on the suitpants.

I was not feeling it with any of the ties that I have, so The Archduke Franz Ferdinand RG and I went out to look at ties.

I had decided that I wanted something loud in pink or maybe lavender. Then I saw the lime green paisley which even RG admitted was really me. There was a suit like the one I had bought, so we were able to check the colors against it. And yes I got a charcoal gray pinstripe. When you are as short as I am, anything too flashy and you look like you're with the circus. Another fashion hint, if you're under a certain height or at least if you have very short legs, avoid cuffed pants. But that may just be me.

At any rate, I went with the tasteful little number on the far right. As usual, I went to Chez Marshall's. Like I always say, only the best for me.

I already know that I am going to have to post a picture of me after I've been hosed down and had my barnacles scraped. You'll just have to wait. Like I said, the suit is at the tailor's.