Monday, January 14, 2008

Voices carry

Sunday just isn't Sunday unless RG and I go out looking for trouble. I have a vision of the 2 of us, with blue rinses and walkers out marauding the streets of our metropolis, scaring the tourists.

Yesterday was no exception. In addition, we had Atari Age in tow, the poor child.

We had met up at the Charbuck's in the Pru Barnes and Noble. After a certain amount of coffee consumption we decided to head out and take a look at things and began walking. Eventually, we found ourselves at Downtown Crossing, which was at one point the retail destination for the city. The area is closed to motor traffic with the exception of delivery and emergency vehicles and has been for many years now a pedestrian mall. Consequently, it is in the great scheme of things fairly quiet, for a busy urban area.

For those of you have been denied the joy that is RG in person, one thing you should understand is that, like small children and the hard of hearing, RG has no indoor voice. If RG says anything, it is heard by anyone and everyone in a 20 block radius.

With that in mind we had got to the corner of Washington and Franklin when RG announced, and I do not use the word announce lightly, "Can we turn here? I want to go get some poppers."

It was quite the conversation stopper. I looked at him and said, "RG, we're using our indoor voices."

In his usual form, he just gave me one of his "I'm such a stinker" smiles and raising his voice, declared, "I think the hookers are over this way."

It's always an adventure.