Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's, like, a fish

I was out shopping with C. today. We went to Ocean State Job Lot to look for a shower curtain and view the wonderful horrors on sale there.

Having got my shower curtain (2.49) and a yoga mat (6.99) we went to the check out line. A rather awful mother and her daughter came up behind me. The mother was of a rather vinegary disposition and the daughter most kindly put, was a ditz.

Mother: Is this a checkout line? (petulantly) Where's your grandmother?

Daughter: She's around.

Mother: Well, go find her.

Daughter: Can't she, like meet us at the car?

Mother: I don't think so! She doesn't know where it's parked.

Daughter: Okay, take this.

Mother: What is it?

Daughter: You put, like, your iPod in it. It, like, lights up. And then it dances. It's, like, a fish.

Overhearing conversations like this, make shopping in only the finest stores worth every penny.