Monday, January 07, 2008

Field trip

When Tater was in Boston last November, we talked about the idea of bloggers getting together in New York come the spring.

Suddenly, it is January and it seemed like a good idea to start rallying the troops. So far, we have on the list, Bigass Belle, More Cowbell, What Would Jackie Wear, Roger Dodger, Tater, Dulce y Peligroso, Secrets of the Red Seven, Why Oh Why and everyone's favorite Ganome.

I also made sure to alert my Monkey Boy in person.

We trust that the weather will by then be warm enough to have lured Father Tony back up from his southern retreat.

So. Who else is in?

RG is all for hitting the Guggenheim, WWJW has suggested the Cooper-Hewitt and I would like to go to the Museum of Natural History, which I have not seen since the renovations took place (What's it been 10 years?). Plus, there will be food and drink to seek out.

The next question is, who else is in? So far, survey results as they come in are for Mid May. I am going to float the dates 5/16-5/18 as a possibility.

Talk amongst yourselves. I know that RG and I are already ripping each others hair out planning our trip and looking forward to stalking seeing Tater again.

And Doralong. We'll talk about shoe shopping.