Tuesday, January 08, 2008

10 boring facts

Our beloved Willym has tagged me with this meme. (You'll get yours pal) I cannot believe what a dull life I've led.

1)Three Exes I would pretend not to know today:

I only have 3. If my dear Jon were still alive, I am sure we would still be bickering in the good natured manner, which was our ground state. As for the other 2. I haven't seen either of them in years and hope to maintain this happy state of affairs.

2)The most scandalous rumor to pass through my high school.

Other than my drug habit? One of the girls (who shall remain nameless) went into the hospital with an apparent attack of appendicitis and gave birth to a full term baby. No one knew she was pregnant and she really wasn't "showing". Swayuh to Gwad!

3)The time I Knew Santa didn't exist.

I don't remember exactly. Born cynic that I am I think I had caught on by the time I was about 4.

4)The funniest thing I did in a house of worship.

They used to have to keep my cousin Steve and I separated because of the unsanctioned hilarity, but it was Doris who was my downfall. One Sunday, one of the wealthy lady parishioners came in swathed in furs, wearing a fur hat. As she passed by us, my mother and I noticed a tiny, truncated tail on the back of the hat. We looked at each other and started shaking but not laughing and then Doris began to croon very softly, "Daveeeeey, Daveeeeey Crocket, King of the wild frontier." I got in so much trouble with the old man.

5)Best excuse I came up with for being out past curfew.

After a long night of being led astray by my peers, I staggered into the house to be confronted with a rather pissed off Doris. I simply announced. "Mother. I'm drunk" and lost the contents of my stomach on the spot. She still laughs about that one.

6) Saturday cartoon character I had a crush on.

Race Bannon on Johnny Quest. C'mon, he was hot! And you know he and Professor Quest were doing each other.

7) Cartoon character I wanted to be.

Wolverine. (This was long before Hugh Jackman. We're talking the old Marvel Comics here.)

8)Foods I can no longer stomach.


9)Tacky pick up line you used that worked.

"So. Wanna?" It's worked more than once.

10)Secret Hangover recipe.

Extra strength Ibuprofen washed down with an extra spicy Virgin Mary with a raw egg beaten into it.

As you can see, other than my rather unfortunate lack of judgment concerning men and a bit of heavy drug abuse in my early youth, my life has been pretty lackluster.

The question is who to tag now? I'd tag Belle, but she isn't blogging any more. So.... I guess we will have to turn to RG. I can only imagine. (Note to self, have sex in house of worship, preferably Catholic, for old times sake.)