Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Monkey and I are on break and he is telling me about the Christmas ornament he bought for his mother.

Monkey: I got it for one of her Christmas trees.

Me: One of her Christmas trees?

Monkey: Yeah, she has 3 trees, one tree for each of her types of ornaments.

Me: That's even worse than Doris.

Monkey: Yeah, Doris is just looking for the perfect tree. My mother always wants more of everything! She just needs portion control for her whole life. (pauses) I swear that's why she had 4 kids. I mean from an evolutionary standpoint it makes sense, more is better. But the line stops with me! I'd be really surprised if my sibs reproduce.

We start to walk back towards the office and I think about this in relation to his sibs who I've met.

Me: Can they be arrested for pissing in the gene pool?