Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Making sense of stupid

As Monkey and I were getting ready to leave work he was checking his junk mail. "Oh, another free daily planner." Opening another envelope."And yet another, but you can tell this one is for women, it's pink, and it has the phases of the moon so you can keep track of your period!" He shoves them into the miscellaneous drawer. "It's a good thing the Uber Boss doesn't see these things. She'd probably have me ordering them for everyone in the department.

I can hear her now, 'They're soooo helpful. I'm so much more organized than I was before, everyone needs to start using it, because everyone thinks the way I do. Besides they're pink, and they're so cute!'

"No one thinks the way that Uber Boss does."

I thought about that for a second. "On the little gauges on your brain, Uber Boss is riding dangerously low on Common Sense. I'd say the needle is hovering right over Empty. But the Stupid Gauge is topped right up to full. As a matter of fact the auxiliary tanks has plenty of stupid in it as well", I stated.

Monkey thought about this for a minute. "Okay. What you're saying is stupidity isn't the absence of intelligence, it's its own thing?"

"Yup.", I said.

Monkey thought about this a little more. "All right, that makes sense. By the end of the day at work, my stupid level has usually gone up."

See even stupid makes sense if you think about it.