Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend in brief

The weekend went well. Nothing earthshaking. I spent a good part of a beautiful Saturday in the garden. While I was there I got to meet my neighbor Mike's new beau. There wasn't a terrific amount of interaction. They seem to still be in the "all wrapped up in each other" phase, but the new boyfriend is cute and seems very nice and Mike is in a hitherto unknown state of... gooeyness, maybe. Whatever his condition, he certainly seems happy and I won't pick on him for it. Too much. Besides it's more fun to do in person.

My own romantic endeavours this weekend with Mr. D. were confined to an impromptu appetite stimulation, and then going out for dinner. It was a fun evening and was over too soon. Sunday I got roped into helping the garden society with a park clean up day, which obviated the need to do any aerobic at the gym. I have a feeling spending the morning hauling wheelbarrows of mulch burned off far more calories than I would have used up on the treadmill. Then it was off for coffee and gossip with C. He is waiting for the out of town visitor, if not from hell at least from purgatory. Though, as C. points out, whenever this character comes to visit, C. gets some great stories to tell after.

The rest of the time on the weekend was filled in doing errands and working on a writing project that feels like it will never shape up. If not the most exciting weekend ever, at least a pleasant one. We'll see what the week brings.